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Who's powers would you want to have?

  • Nico's
  • Percy's
  • Frank's
  • Leo's
  • Piper's
  • Jason's
  • Other (please comment who's powers)
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• 2h

Would you rather....

Spend a day with Percy Jackson


Leo Valdez
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I got up super fast and get a charliehorse. My mom says its because I don't drink enough water. Does Poseidon get offended that I don't drink water, so he gives me a CharlieHORSE because he's also the god of horses? Do my thoughts mean anything to you guys?
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I get what Uncle Rick is trying to do with all of these minority and LGBTQ+ characters and all, but I don't think it's working. Now, I'm not saying that it's a bad thing that those characters are included. I think that it's a beautiful thing, in fact, and it's wonderful that kids are getting exposed to so many different types of people. But the thing is... I don't think that it's having the desired effect. The people who are being represented aren't being normalized - they're depicted as being "special". "Oh, it's not NORMAL to be gay, but you're SPECIAL for it!" is basically what's being shown. The majority of the characters (and now here I go sounding like an extreme SJW, lol) are straight, cisgender Caucasian people. THIS is what's shown as 'normal'. The main and most praised character in the series is a straight, cisgender white boy. His best friends, Annabeth and Grover, are straight, cisgender white children. Most of the other characters in the series are straight, cisgender white people. Now, I don't have a problem with this kind of person at all. I love white people (if it's not racist to say "I love black people", then it's not racist to say "I love white people", either - we're tolerant of EVERYONE here!), and it would be downright idiotic for me to hate straight/cisgender people since I'm straight and cis myself. I'm just saying that this type of person is the one that's considered "normal". while everyone else is "special" because there aren't as many characters like them. Being black is "special". Being Hispanic is "special". Being non-binary is "special". Being gay is "special". Being a Muslim is "special". This is another one of the reasons why I love Trials of Apollo. Apollester being just so casually bisexual warms my heart, and no one cares or mentions the fact that some of his romantic attractions are gay. Even Meg casually addresses Hyacinthus as Apollo's ex-boyfriend. She's not disgusted. She doesn't add attention to they fact that they were a gay couple. She just treats it like... a thing. Just another normal thing that's totally normal. And I love it. However, this isn't the case in other instances. "OH MY GOD! LOOK AT SAM! SHE'S A MUSLIM! HOW COOL IS THAT!?" "OH, GOLLY GOSH! ALEX IS NON-BINARY! EVERYONE, QUICK - LOOK AT HER!" "NICO IS SUPER DUPER TOTALLY GAY, GUYS!" "LOOK AT HOW MANY NON-WHITE PROTAGONISTS WE PUT INTO HOO (even though legit FOUR of them are white (Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Nico)!". Idk why, but I get the feeling I made a post similar to this a while back (if I did, I completely forgot about it; is this what 'deja vu' is?). Anyways, what do you guys think?

Is minority representation in the Riordanverse done right?
  • It's done perfectly!
  • Kinda
  • Unsure/No opinion
  • Not really
  • It was awful!
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• 11h

This is a fanart post

This is a fanart post you can post all the fanart you want here CHB fan art KANE and magnus fan art its up to u PLZ DONT POST ANY INAPROPIT FANART HERE you can put fanart from differnt fandoms as well like stranger things or voltron i want to see your fanart heres my fanart i didn`t draw it plz say if you did or didn`t draw it plz you dont have to though

Post image
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What Would You Like Better As The Future?

  • Percabeth in New Rome, Swimming in the Sea, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
  • Jason as a Lare and Reyna lives happily ever after with Jason.
  • Frazel Forever.
  • Lelypso (Festus too) opening Mechanics and Lemonade Store.
  • Reyollo at Olympus(Reyna Immortal).
  • Jiper at CHB.
  • Nico + Will (Nill?) gets huge role, as control over healing and death.
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• 12h

Who would win??

Helios vs Apollo
Me ? I think helios, just because I like to tease Apollo XD
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• 12h

Quote of the Day 409

If you have ever tried to walk while immersed in a swift stream, you know how difficult it is. Also, if you have tried it, then may I ask why?

-Apollo in TDP

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• 14h

Would you join kronos?

Yes or no.
And why?
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• 16h

Who would you rather date (girl version)

  • Annabeth Chase
  • Piper Mclean
  • Thalia Grace
  • Bianca Di Angelo (before she joined the hunt)
  • Hazel Levesque
  • Reyna Ramírez-Arellano
  • Rachel Elizabeth Dare
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• 18h
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• 20h

Who's ship is better

  • Magnus(big banana)
  • Leo(Argo II)
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• 1d

Which weapon wold you rather use?

  • Riptide
  • Maimer (Clarrise's spear)
  • Backbiter
  • Katoptris
  • Nico's sword
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• 1d
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• 1d

Who would you rather date?

  • Nico Di Angelo
  • Percy Jackson
  • Frank Zhang
  • Jason Grace
  • Octavian (bet you nobody picks him)
  • Leo Valdez
  • Will Solace
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• 1d

Huntresses of Artemis?

Why aren't they called huntresses of artemis?
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• 1d

Who Would Win 15

So last time Odin won; here is the next fight.

Odin vs Isis

Next fight will be on December 19th
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• 1d

Quote of the Day 408

Ever since my famous battle with Python, I've had a phobia of scaly reptilian creatures. (Especially if you include my stepmother, Hera. BOOM!)

-Apollo in TDP

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• 2d


What little things that you would add that has no effect on the plot for example more left handed characters or children of minor god's and what you do you see a not needed such as pairing almost everyone up

Edit: another thing I'd add is demigods from a range of countrys in key roles to make it more relatable

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