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Warning! This page contains spoilers for 9 from the Nine Worlds.

9 from the Nine Worlds is a collection of nine stories focusing on characters from the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard trilogy.


The book was announced via twitter on February 8th, 2018.


This Is Why I Hate Clothes Shopping

Samirah al-Abbas does not like the fancy clothes of her fiancée, Amir Fadlan. It's Jid and Bibi's wedding anniversary, Abdel Fadlan tries to reassure his son but he decides to go to Blitzen's shop with Sam anyway. But when Amir goes to his room change he thought he saw someone, but it was just a pigeon. Sam has leave for something with Odin but she'll be back.

At Blitzen’s Best, a man named Stan informs Amir that Blitz went home to get more supplies. He decided to give Amir a pair of light tan leather pants, in the pocket is an endless supply of coins powered by a "dark magic" spell on a piece of paper. Stan reveals that he is wearing the Nábrók, pants made from the skin of dead people. Stan's ancestors made them from Amir's! Alex Fierro enters the store, after a conversation with Stan about the store closing now she calls Sam telling her to bring something. After Alex leaves, Stan tells Amir he is now his pet. He tried to attack but failed, luckily Sam arrives with a "light magic" spear. She stabs the scroll containing the money spell causing it to vanish, allowing her and Alex to slice the pants off of Amir. He decides to take all the coins to the Chase Space for a donation.[1]

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