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A Quest from Apollo is a short story starter written by Rick Riordan featuring Apollo and two kids John and Alyssa, for the Summer Reading Finish the Story Challenge in the UK.


John and Alyssa are on the subway when they meet Apollo, warning them of a monster in the tunnels.


John and Alyssa had never ridden the subway with a god before. They caught the train at their usual station and immediately noticed a man in glowing golden robes standing at the opposite end of the railcar. His curly blond hair was wreathed in laurels. His eyes were as blue as glacier ice. Under his arm he held an old-fashioned harp – a Greek lyre.

He locked his gaze on John and Alyssa.
"About time," said the man. "I’ve been waiting for you."
Alyssa tensed. She doubted her mother would approve of her talking to a glowing stranger on the subway. "Sorry . . . you've been waiting for us?"
"Of course," the man said. "You're John and Alyssa, aren't you? I'm the god Apollo. There’s a monster in these subway tunnels..."

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