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Aigaios is the god of sea-storms and the eponymous ruler of the Aegean Sea.


Aigaios fought in the First Titan War on the side of Kronos while Oceanus remained neutral despite the efforts of both the former and latter.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Titan's Curse

Tyson says Aigaios is one of the old sea gods that are helping Oceanus protect the Princess Andromeda from Poseidon. In the second war with the gods, Oceanus and Aigaios both agreed to fight in the war, specifically to fight Poseidon. After the gods won, Aigaios and Oceanus fled back into the depths of the sea.


He presumably has the standard powers of a Titan.

Electrokinesis: Aigaios has the ability to control and manipulate electricity and lightning.

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