the air god Aither (who was, in fact,

a total airhead).

–-Percy Jackson, in Percy Jackson's Greek Gods

Aither (also spelled as Aether) is the Greek Primordial God of Light and the Upper Air. He is the son of Nyx and Erebus.


He presumably has a god's powers, but is extremely powerful, as he is one of the Protogenoi although the full extent of his power is still unknown.

  • Caelumkiinesis: Being the physical embodiment of the Upper Air, Aither has absolute control over air and sky. His abilities include:
    • Aerokinesis: As the protogenos of Upper Air, he can control and create air and wind.
      • Creating and manipulating the air without limits.
    • Atmokinesis: As the primordial of the Upper Air he can control the weather conditions (or simple sky).
    • Nephelokinesis: As primordial of the Upper Air, he can control and create clouds.  ​​​​​​
  • Photokinesis: As the embodiment of light, Aither has absolute control over light.


  • His Egyptian equivalent is Shu.
  • Some myths say that he and Hemera are the parents of the Nephelae and of the others sky or wind nymphs and creatures, like birds and aurae.
  • Ironically, he and his wife-sister Hemera are the elders children of Erebus and Nyx, the Darkness and the Night, while he and his sister are the Light and Day.
  • Curiously, he and his sister Hemera are the only children of Nyx and Erebus who are Protogenoi even with the others being feelings or things, like Thanatos are the death, Hypnos is the Sleep, etc.
    • And with his parents and his sister-wife Hemera, they are the only known Protogenoi who "generate" another Protogenoi trough sex, with his and Hemera generating Thalassa.
  • The class of organic compounds, Ether, is named after him.
  • The term "Ae" of sky relacioned things, is possibly named after him.
  • According to some myths, Aphrodite was born from his daughter Thalassa by the blood of Ouranos, what made him the maternal grandfather of Aphrodite.