Alcatraz Island is a famous former prison island located in the San Francisco Bay. It is currently a museum. Kampê's prison is directly underneath the known Alcatraz prison. Briares, a hundred-handed elder brother of the Cyclopes, was held there by her. Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Tyson and Grover Underwood helped him escape into the Labyrinth.


In the mortal world, Alcatraz is known as a famous national park that used to be a maximum security prison controlled by the United States. The island was first discovered in 1775 by the Spanish explorer Juan Manuel de Ayala. He called it "La Isla de los Alcatraces" which translates to "The Island of the Pelicans."

The federal prison was opened in 1934 and was active for around 29 years. It had many of the hardest criminals in the 1930s to the 1940s, because criminals had to misbehave in other prisons to be sent to Alcatraz. The prison held prisoners ranging from bank robbers to street gangster bosses such as Al Capone, the famous well known gangster boss from Chicago, Illinois. It was also called America's own "Devil's Island". There was also a television episode called "Alcatraz" in which described that ten of its most famous prisoners tried to escape from the prison and the island itself, but was caught them.

Although escape from the prison was possible, no prisoner is known to have been able to cross the icy water to San Francisco alive. During its 29 years of operation, the penitentiary claimed no prisoner had successfully escaped. A total of 36 prisoners made 14 escape attempts, two men trying twice; 23 were caught, six were shot and killed during their escape, and three escaped and were never found. The most violent occurred on May 2, 1946 when a failed escape attempt by six prisoners led to the Battle of Alcatraz.

After the prison was shut down, it became a thriving tourist spot. Thousands of mortals (and demigods) flock to the site to see the jail blocks and cells of the nation's most notorious prisoners. It is rumored to be haunted by former inmates and staff.

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San Francisco, where Alcatraz is.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians


Kampê, the warden of Alcatraz Island.

The Battle of the Labyrinth

Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson exit the Labyrinth at Alcatraz. Tyson uses his hearing to find that Briares has been imprisoned by Kampê; Annabeth tells Percy and the others after they rescue Briares, a hundred-handed one, that she once took a school trip here. Fortunately, she knew which way was out of the prison buildings leading to the outside while they were pursued by Kampê, a Titan monster freed from Tartarus in the Underworld by Luke Castellan and his Titan Army. Later, Tyson, Percy, Grover, Annabeth, and Briares fight Kampê before finally making a fortunate escape back into the Labyrinth after Percy loses his shield, flinging it at Kampê to give Tyson enough time to enter the labyrinth before the door closes. While Kampê is stuck behind the wall of stone Percy and his friends run through the Labyrinth to escape where Briares leaves them telling him that he is not a strong monster anymore. Tyson, who thought of Briares as his hero, begins to cry and says that he knows Briares is a strong monster.

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