Yes, yes! All this treasure you see, my friends? That is nothing compared to Magnus Chase! My son finally did something right.

Alderman is an elf and the father of Hearthstone and Andiron.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Alderman is mentioned when Sam is telling Magnus about Hearth's past.

The Hammer of Thor

Alderman first appeared when his son and Magnus came to his house. He tells the police officers who Magnus really is. He berates Hearthstone for using ASL and invited him and Magnus inside. He yells at Hearth to use the slab rather than Alf Sign Language. Alderman tells them he has the Snoknung Stone, but will not give it to them. He tells his son that his mother was hit by a truck and killed, but does so in a toying tone of voice. He tells Hearthstone to prepare his brother's wergild as tribute and agrees to give them the stone if Magnus spends time with him at parties and take pictures with him, Magnus's status as son of Frey making him somewhat of a celebrity in Alfheim. He calls Idge to take his son and Magnus to Hearth's room before spilling his drink and having her clean it up.

When his son and Magnus return and show him the gold they pour on the wergild rug, he inspects it for flaws and, after finding one hair showing, he threatens to take half the treasure if they do not finish the wergild now. Magnus shows him the cursed ring and warns him about it, but he brushes it off and asks for it. He gives them the snoknung stone and tells them to get ready for his party. At his party he tosses his fortune to uneasy looking guests. His son asks him to take off the ring, but he thinks they are trying to steal his fortune. He summons Nøkks to kill everyone in the mansion except him. As this happens he starts to kick the guests before his son and his friends stop the Nøkks and free them.

The Ship of the Dead


Alderman is described as being almost seven feet tall and is noted for having very large eyes. He is so thin that Magnus notes that he "look like one of those UFO-flying, strange-medical-experimental-conducting aliens from Roswell". He dresses in a grey suit over a green turtleneck. His chin has been called so pointy that it looks like "it had been hung on a perfect isoceles triangle". He shares a resemblance to Hearthstone having platinum blond hair bristled like him, along with having a similar nose and mouth structure.


Alderman is quite vain, as he only does things if they affect him positively. He enjoys bullying his deaf son, describing his mother's death in a mocking tone. He is also quick to anger, as he snaps at Hearthstone when ever he signs. He is rude to his household staff, as he treats Inge poorly.