Artemis, one of the Twin Archers.

Archery is a means of utilizing or attacking with a bow and arrow or crossbow.


The Greek twin archers, Apollo and Artemis, and the Norse Ullr are the patron gods of archery. Archers are used for support and defense, firing either precision shots, aiming at a specific target, or as a volley, where the archers would aim upwards and fire in a large mass (used to hit a large number of enemies without aiming for anyone in particular). It is also one of the oldest types of hunting known.

At Camp Half-Blood


Apollo, the god of archery, as well as one of the Twin Archers.

Archery is practiced by the campers at Camp Half Blood and is taught by Chiron and members of the Apollo cabin. Mostly only Apollo's cabin members use a bow and arrow, but it isn't limited to only them. The Hunters of Artemis, adopted children of Artemis also use a bow and arrow in their daily lives.

At Camp Jupiter

Archery is looked down upon unless the user of it has a valid reason (e.g. being a child of Apollo). Frank Zhang, son of Mars, is a very good archer, having a combination of regular arrows and trick ones. Despite being much bulkier than children of Apollo, this allows him to fire heavier arrows with more precise aim.


  • The two longest shots in history were from Kublai-Khan and from the walls of Jerusalem when the Ottomans were occupying it.
  • Percy Jackson has been mentioned several times in the series to be especially bad at archery.
  • Frank Zhang is the only known demigod who uses a bow and arrow as his primary weapon, but isn't a child/legacy of Apollo or among the Hunters of Artemis.
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