Clarisse La Rue in full battle armor

Armor is a type of clothing used for defense (typically metal), also defined as protective covering used to prevent damage from being inflicted to an object, individual or a vehicle through use of direct contact weapons or projectiles. Usually during combat or from damage caused by a potentially dangerous environment, armor protects the wearer from most blows.

Greek demigod armor is often made of Celestial Bronze, while Roman demigod armor is often made of Imperial Gold. It is often used in combination with a shield. Armor fits and protects the whole chest and stomach area.

The most common examples of bronze armor revealed in Percy Jackson and the Olympians are breastplates, helmets, greaves, and round shields. Greek breastplates were traditionally built to make the wearer look more muscular and powerful and only offered little protection.

The main difference between the two camps' armor, is the shields. Greek shield tended to be round, while Roman legionnaires shields were larger and rectangular in shape.

Pieces of Armor

  • Helmet: The helmet protected the wearer from head blows and head injuries. It often had horsehair plumes.
  • Breastplate: The breastplate protects the wearer's chest and stomach area. It usually made the person who's wearing it look more muscular.
  • Greaves: The greaves protected the wearers' leg from injuries.
  • Shield: The shield was one of the main means of protection and could be used offensively by bashing others.

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