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Artemis' Knives are two hunting knives used by Artemis. Each one is her arm's length and made of Celestial Bronze like the knives of her Hunters.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Titan's Curse


Artemis, its owner

Artemis uses the knives while fighting Atlas. During the battle, the goddess is knocked down and the knives are not mentioned anymore.


Percy describes them as "wicked" long hunting knives. Like diamond bladed swords, the knives of Artemis are bewitching and deadly. They are well known for their charms as much as their mercilessness.  The material that the knives are made from is silver, which is a color and symbol of Artemis and her hunters


The knives are the primary weapons of Artemis when fighting in close combat and are presumably also used during her hunts.

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