Atlanta is the capital of the state Georgia and has a population of approximately 420,000. It is where the Georgia Aquarium is located, which is home to Phorcys and his wife and sister, Keto, otherwise known as Porky and Kate.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Mark of Athena

The seven demigods land the Argo II near the city on the summit of a forested hill. Coach Hedge says that General Sherman, a Greek demigod, son of Ares and a Union leader, once stood on the very same hill. Percy Jackson, Frank Zhang, and Coach Hedge then set out to find the primordial sea god, Phorcys. They find him at the Georgia Aquarium, after receiving help from a lady named Esther, a librarian at the Carter Center, who drove them personally downtown towards the aquarium.


  • The city is named after the Atlantic Ocean, which is ironic because the city is landlocked.
  • Atlanta has the highest elevation of major cities east of the Mississippi based on sea level.
  • Bacchus thinks this city is named after Atalanta.
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