The attack on Commodus' Palace was a raid by Leo, Apollo aka Lester and Meg. The original purpose was to rescue Georgina. In order to gain entrance they entered through an underground canal. They encountered the first real challenge when they got into the Canal. The Carthaginian Serpent attacked the trio and squeezed Meg. Remembering that it was originally killed by the Legion dropping stones on it, Apollo managed to sing at a chord that caused several bricks in the canal to fall crushing the Serpent. Meanwhile, Leo was working on opening up a grate that led the three into the sewer system after another twenty feet they came to another grate which led them into one of the channels that lined the sides of the chamber the three were able to enter the palace without being noticed (Meg dropping seeds as they went and causing them to sprout. They walked until coming across a Blemmyae guarding a room. Leo an Meg dispatched it. Inside they found two male demi-gods who had been residents of the Waystation, a hunter of Artemis named Hunter Kowalski, Georgina, A Dracaena named Sssssarah and someone named Jamie who had originally been employed by the emperor (Jamie not knowing what he had been getting himself into) as well as the briefcase that was Festus. Apollo sent Leo away with the rescued captives while he and Apollo set out to find the Throne of Memory (which did not take long).