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The Attack on the Princess Andromeda was a raid that took place during the Second Titan War.

The Battle

Kronos and the Princess Andromeda made way for an assault on Manhattan with Kronos' army, but Percy Jackson and Charles Beckendorf were sent to destroy the ship. Percy and Beckendorf flew on Blackjack the Pegasus and arrived undetected on the ship. Percy and Beckendorf made their way to the engine room. Percy had to eliminate several Telekhines and lead the rest away from Beckendorf, who was priming the engine room with Greek Fire explosives. Percy fought a giant crab but soon was surrounded by monsters and Kronos, after they were tipped off by Silena Beauregard who was Kronos' spy at the time. Ethan Nakamura led giants to capture Beckendorf. Percy fought against Kronos but was defeated, nearly dying in the process. Beckendorf had however already primed the Greek Fire in the engine room. He had made it look like he hadn't and was heading towards the engine room, they had not checked his bag which was supposedly full of Greek fire - in reality it was full of tins of peaches. Beckendorf then sacrificed himself to save Percy by blowing the ship up with the detonator while Percy escaped by jumping into the sea.

Grip da percy

Percy Jackson, one of the commanders.


Percy sank near Poseidon's kingdom, Atlantis, but was found by Tyson who revived him and took him to the palace. Yet, he was told that he had to go back to camp. Percy felt guilty about leaving Beckendorf, but his death was not in vain: It delayed Kronos, giving the camp more time to prepare and also destroyed a large portion of Kronos' army of monsters. Percy wanted to help Poseidon protect Atlantis but Percy was needed by the Camp. At Camp Percy shared news about the ship, after explaining Silena Beaugard, Beckendorf's girlfriend, fell into a deep sadness and later reveals herself as the mole at the Battle of Manhattan.