The Battle of Brooklyn House was a battle fought to protect Brooklyn House's initiates from Vladimir Menshikov's attackers in The Throne of Fire. It occurred when Menshikov ordered the attackers to supposedly punish the initiates for learning the path of the gods, when he in fact wanted to keep them out of the way while he summoned Apophis. Thanks to the power of Bast and Ra and some excellent training by the Kanes the initiates not only held their own but destroyed the attacking forces.



After the events of The Red Pyramid, Carter and Sadie Kane use the djed amulet and the recording of their adventures to recruit initiates to train in the Path of the Gods. When The Throne of Fire opens, they have twenty initiates at Brooklyn House ranging from nine to eighteen years of age. This development is not looked upon with favor by Michel Desjardins, the new Chief Lector. However, his second in command, Vladimir Menshikov, urges an attack on Brooklyn house. Supposedly, destroying both the Kanes and their students will restore ma'at, or so Menshikov tells Desjardins.


Menshikov's force, a dozen evil, vicious magicians - the worst of the House - about twenty demons and six uraei - fire spitting winged cobras - attack at sunset on the Spring Equinox. The defenders manage to hold out but by dawn they are exhausted and looking at defeat - until Ra emerges from the Duat. When Carter and Sadie arrive in the sunboat they find Freak the griffin dogfighting with uraei in the airspace above the building. On the roof Walt and Zia are successfully holding off an attack force of demons and magicians trying to gain the interior via the stairs. Bast and Philip have everything under control on the terrace, and in the great room the old and experienced magicians of the attack force and their demonic allies are being destroyed by the enthusiastic Initiates. Alyssa uses divine magic to fix a hole in the wall, Julian summons a combat avatar, Felix unleashs a sqaud of peinguins and Cleo constantly speaks Divine words. The younger Kanes join the fun, and soon enough the demons are reduced to so many piles of sand and the attacking magicians are looking for escape routes.

The Return of Ra

The return of Ra was less impressive than might have been, given his senile condition. Still, his dawning gives new energy to the defenders and the mere sight of the sunboat panicks the attackers on the roof and causes the uraei to switch sides. Ra takes no further part in the battle, but remains in the sun boat guarded by Zia and Walt.


Sadie tells the defeated magicians what happened in the Duat, that Menshikov was a traitor to the House of Life and Desjardins gave his life to banish the serpent. Carter shows them the Chief Lector's leopard-skin cape and repeats Desjardins' last words - that the path of the gods has to be restored.

The enemy magicians hesitate, some hostile, some half convinced, all uncertain - until the sunboat makes a perfect three point landing in Philip of Macedon's pool. Seven of the attackers lay down their staffs and wands in surrender, but five, led by Sarah Jacobi, declare their continued enmity and are allowed to depart through their portal.

Amos Kane becomes the new Chief Lector, but it is unknown whether the other Nomes will acknowledge his claim. We are also left wondering why Ra is so interested in Zia and Walt.

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