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The Battle of Old San Juan occurs in The Blood of Olympus.

Reyna is kidnapped by Thalia Grace and her Hunters and taken to the Amazons' highly defended secret base. Reyna soon realizes she was captured in order for her to be used as a bait to lure Orion into a trap. Although the plan succeeds, the Amazons and Hunters had underestimated the giant's power. He breached their base, which resulted in the loss of many lives, including probably all the Amazons. Reyna and her sister Hylla, Queen of the Amazons, manage to escape and Reyna finds herself in the house she had lived in for most of her childhood.

Coach Hedge gets the help of many Pegasi, including Pegasus himself, to carry the Athena Parthenos back to camp. Thalia, the remaining Hunters and Hylla manage to slow down Orion.