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Blemmyae were an African tribe of headless men native to Libya and Ethiopia. Their faces were on their chests. Their name translates to chest-eyes. In addition to ancient depictions, Blemmyae were popular in Medieval beastiary

A Blemmyae is a type of monster, with their faces in the middle of their bodies.

The Trials of Apollo

The Dark Prophecy

Apollo, Calypso, and Leo Valdez encounter a blemmyae named Nanette in Indianapolis, who attempts to arrest them in the name of the Triumvirate. She calls other blemmyae, who inhabit the police force and general population of Indianapolis, and they chase the three until Emmie intervenes and the blemmyae are killed by crossbow turrets in the plaza.

Later, when Apollo, Meg and Leo infiltrate Commodus's compound they encounter a blemmyae guarding one of the doors. Leo blasts the guard with fire and Meg finishes him off with her swords. After attempting to fool the blemmyae on the other end of the guard's comm, Apollo simply smashes it and they move on.

Many blemmyae are present during Commodus's rehearsal battle, clapping politely in the stands.

After exiting the Cave of Trophonius with an unconscious Meg later on, Apollo is spotted by a small group of blemmyae sent by Commodus to destroy the cave. Among them is Nanette, who once again attempts to kill Apollo. He stalls for time by politely offering to help them arm their bomb, and successfully kills Nanette by lying that the bomb's timer is set to ten seconds; after she goes to place it, thinking she has ten seconds, the bomb explodes within five and she dies.

Apollo kills the second blemmyae by pushing him into the water, but the third grabs his arm, crushing it. Before he can kill Apollo, Peaches the karpos attacks and kills him in an effort to save Meg.


Blemmyae have broad shoulders covered in hair, and ears beneath their armpits. Their most defining feature is their chest-face; on their upper chest, where the pectorals would be, are two large, bulging eyes. Large noses protrude from their sternums, and across their abdomens are curving mouths lined with white teeth like playing cards. When they talk, seeing their mouths moving creates a hypnotic effect.

Blemmyae disguise themselves as mortals by using metal heads attached to their shoulders by tape and bobbing pins. These heads are capable of mimicking facial movements, though they're easily detached. While wearing normal clothing, blemmyaes' chest-faces cause their bellies to appear lumpy.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman endurance
  • Limited disease immunity


  • The Blemmyae rarely have ideas on their own and resort to obeying others.
  • Blemmyae are tone deaf and Colorblind; they can't discern colors and mostly disguise themselves with uniforms. Being tone D deaf, they are immune to the effects of music-based magic.
  • They are also overly polite. No matter the situation, a Blemmyae takes politeness as priority, even if threatening someone, they will still talk in a very polite manner. This behavior can also be exploited to confuse, avoid or defeat a Blemmyae.
  • Blemmyae have terrible depth perception because of the placement of their eyes.
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