Bow, Arrow and Quiver

A bow, arrow, and quiver

Bows are devices used to launch arrows. Arrows are wood shafts with tips made of Celestial Bronze, Imperial Gold, Silver, or simply regular materials (such as aluminum or carbon).


250px-Frank Zhang

Frank Zhang, notable bow user

A bow is a curved stick with a string tied to both ends. They are usually made of animal tendon and horn. Arrows are thin sticks with a sharp tip, sometimes a rock or metal arrowhead, with animal feathers to help it fly. The Hunters of Artemis have silver bows and arrows.


An arrow is pulled onto the string of a bow (nocked). The arrow is then released, the string propelling it into the target.

A quiver often made of wood or leather holds the arrows.

Common Users

Bow and arrow

An arrow nocked on a bow

Notable Bows

Notable Arrows

  • Fart arrows
  • Sonic arrows
  • Rocket arrows (mentioned by Frank Zhang)
  • Flare arrows
  • Hydra arrows (used by Frank Zhang)
  • Cursed rubber arrows
  • Boxing glove arrows
  • Silver arrows

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