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Britomartis is the minor goddess of hunting and fishing nets. Britomartis is a friend of the goddess Artemis.


Before she became a goddess, Britomartis was a young maiden running to escape the king of Crete. In order to hide, she jumped into a fishing net in the harbor, where she was transformed.

The Trials of Apollo

The Dark Prophecy

Britomartis first shows up after Apollo, Leo, and Calypso have lunch at the Waystation. She introduces herself to Apollo by catching him in a net and cutting him free in a risky way. She then proceeds to explain that two of her griffins, Heloise and Abelard, have been captured by Commodus, and that she wants Apollo and Calypso to free them at the Indianapolis Zoo. Despite their protests, she insists that they must be the ones to go, as Leo must help bolster the Waystation's defenses.

After the griffins are rescued, Britomartis reveals where Commodus's palace is and where the secret entrance is.


Unlike her superior and friend, Artemis, Britomartis enjoyed playing jokes and potentially dangerous pranks on people, particularly on Artemis's brother Apollo. Apollo called her an anime-character wannabe due to her love of dramatic entrances. Apollo tells us that whenever Artemis wanted to build something highly complicated, she would have Britomartis work on it.

Like many gods, she can be arrogant and place her needs ahead of others, such as when she asked Apollo and Calypso to rescue her gryphons and ignored Emmie and Josephine's desire to have their adoptive daughter Georgina rescued.



She appears to have a mutual flirtation going on with him. However, said flirtation appears to be just a means to play pranks on Apollo. For example, the Burmese tiger pit outside Ingrid Bergman's trailer.


Britomartis has rust red eyes and a ponytail of auburn hair so long it wrapped around her neck like a scarf. She seems to enjoy incorporating nets into her clothing.


As the goddess of hunting and fishing nets, Britomartis is an expert with traps.


  • Britomartis used to be part of the Cretan pantheon of gods. It seems that the remaining Cretan deities faded out after the old Cretan religion declined. Britomartis survived by befriending Artemis and becoming a Greek goddess.
  • Her sacred animal is the gryphon. She calls herself their mother.
The Trials of Apollo
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