Buford is a walking table that Leo saved from a supply closet. He assisted Leo Valdez in the building of the Argo II in Bunker 9 and is currently on the Argo II

The Heroes of Olympus

The Demigod Diaries

Leo Valdez and the Quest for Buford


Leo Valdez, the owner of Buford

After being polished with Windex by Leo, Buford runs away carrying two syncopators in his drawers because he hates being polished with Windex and prefers Lemon Pledge with extra moisturizing formula. Leo gathers Piper McLean and Jason Grace to help him search for Buford before the Argo II and a square mile of Camp Half-Blood's forest blow up. At a bank of a stream, Jason recognizes some trails that are confirmed to be Buford's.

At a clearing about the size of a mall's parking lot, or where the Battle of the Labyrinth took place, the three demigods come across Buford waddling towards the far end of the clearing with steam puffing from his vents and disappearing into the trees.

Leo, Piper, and Jason encounter the Maenads, the followers of Dionysus, interrupting their search for Buford. Eventually, the trio makes a plan to retrieve him. Leo and Piper lead the Maenads back to Bunker 9, where Leo defeats them with a magical net. Meanwhile, Jason finds Buford and flies him back to Bunker 9.

After a heartfelt reunion between Leo and Buford, Leo takes the two syncopators from Buford. Leo places one of them inside the Argo II, saving the ship, and the other one in a drawer with no legs.

The Mark of Athena

Buford is on board the Argo II. Leo used him to distract the Roman's eagles by carrying a bag of dirty laundry through the air to carry the demigod's scents. Although he wasn't seen Buford was mentioned two times; once when Leo says that his plan failed and when he sees a flying sphere and states the Buford would have fallen in love.

The House of Hades

Leo mentions that Buford sat in the corner of the lower deck in sleep mode.

The Blood of Olympus

Buford is saw puffing steam when Leo sleeps the day before the fight with Gaea.


Buford is a magic walking table about three feet high with a round,[1] mahogany top, bronze base, three movable legs,[2] and little steam vents sticking up on one side.[3]


  • Despite being an object, Leo calls Buford by the pronoun of "he."[4]
  • Buford apparently dislikes being cleaned with Windex.


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