Luke, his shroud was metallic white and emerald green

A Burial shroud is a type of coffin that is used for a recently deceased camper. When a camper dies, their friends or siblings make a short speech and the deceased camper is burned in their shroud (if the body is recovered). When campers go on a quest, it is tradition for their cabin-mates to make them one. The burial shrouds are burned whether they return alive or die on their quest.

List of Burial Shrouds

Annabeth Chase's shroud

When Annabeth Chase went on a quest, Athena's Cabin made a shroud of gray silk embroidered with black and brown owls. Percy Jackson described it as "beautiful."

Percy Jackson's shrouds

When Percy Jackson went on the quest for the Master Bolt, Ares' Cabin volunteered to make Percy's shroud. They took an old bed sheet, painted smiley faces with X'ed out eyes around the border, and painted the word "LOSER" in the middle. Percy enjoyed watching it burn.

When Percy caused Mount Saint Helens to erupt, and returned to Camp Half-Blood from Ogygia, the camp assumed he was dead and started to burn Percy's shroud. The shroud was made from long sea green silk, embroidered with a trident.

Lee Fletcher's shroud

After Lee Fletcher was killed by a giant during The Battle of the Labyrinth, his cabin mates made a gold burial shroud without decoration.

Castor's shroud

Castor was killed by an enemy demigod during The Battle of the Labyrinth. His burial shroud was deep purple with grape vines on it.

Charles Beckendorf's shroud

Charles Beckendorf died in the explosion of the Princess Andromeda. His shroud was made of metal links resembling chain mail.

Luke Castellan's shroud

Luke Castellan died saving Olympus by stabbing himself in his Achilles Spot. He died and brought down Kronos with him. His shroud was metallic white and emerald green, and taken away by the Fates themselves.

Silena Beauregard's shroud

Silena Beauregard died fighting the Lydian Drakon. Her shroud was hot pink with an electric spear embroidered in the middle to represent her relationship with Ares' Cabin. When it burned, designer perfume smoke drifted into the sky.

Ethan Nakamura's shroud

Ethan Nakamura died fall from the Empire State Building while trying to destroy Kronos. His shroud was made of black silk with a logo of swords crossed under a set of scales, representing his mother, Nemesis.

Gunilla's shroud

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Jason Grace's shroud

Jason Grace died fighting Caligula on his yacht. His coffin was large wooden box with brass fixtures. It was loaded up on a plane with Apollo and Meg McCaffrey as they fly to Camp Jupiter.

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