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C.C.'s Spa and Resort was a "luxurious spa" run by the sorceress Circe, the immortal daughter of Hecate. In Greek mythology, it was a place where she lured men onto her island and turned them into pigs.


There is white marble and blue water everywhere you look. Terraces climbed up the side of the mountain, with swimming pools on every level, connected by waterslides and waterfalls and underwater tubes you could swim through. Fountains sprayed water into air, forming impossible shapes, like flying eagles and galloping horses. There are all kinds of tame animals like a sea turtle napping on a stack of beach towels and a leopard stretched out asleep on a diving board. In a big room, the whole front wall was windows. The back wall was covered in mirrors, making it look like it went on forever. There is also a bunch of expensive-looking white furniture and in a corner there is a cage on a table. There is also a loom, the size of a big screen TV, which shimmered like it was three dimensional- a waterfall scene that was so real I could see the water moving and clouds drifting across a fabric sky.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase wash up there after the CSS Birmingham is destroyed. Circe transforms all males who arrive at the resort into guinea pigs (she complains about pigs being too smelly). The only known employees are Hylla and Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano,(though there were said to be more) who give Annabeth a makeover while Circe speaks with Percy alone.

After Annabeth returns Blackbeard and his pirates to their original form using Hermes' multivitamins, they run rampant throughout the resort. It is unknown what ultimately happens to the spa after they were finished with it, but Reyna said they were forced to leave the island, on which it could be guessed it was in a bad state. Percy and Annabeth escape the spa in Blackbeard's pirate ship, Queen Anne's Revenge.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune


Reyna, a former employee

Reyna tells Percy that they had met once before, but not directly. She was on Circe's island and lived there with her sister, Hylla. She saw Percy and Annabeth arrive on the island during their quest and is still slightly angry about the situation toward him and Annabeth for destroying her home. She eventually made it to Camp Jupiter and in the four years since then, she became Praetor.

The Mark of Athena

Reyna mentions briefly to Annabeth indirectly that she had been one of Circe's attendants on the island during their talk after the Argo II touched down in New Rome.


The Sea of Monsters

Although Circe's Island itself isn't in the film, "Circeland," a theme park, is presumably an interpretation of the island.


Circeland, as seen in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

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