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Camp Fish-Blood is the underwater camp for Mer-Heroes located in the Atlantic Ocean. It is nicknamed Camp Fish-Blood by Leo Valdez.


It is an entire town of Greek style buildings on the seafloor. The roofs are tiled with mother-of-pearl, the gardens are filled with coral and sea anemones and Hippocampi graze in fields of seaweed. A team of Cyclopes were lowering the domed roof onto a new temple using a blue whale as a crane. Dozens of mermen and mermaids were seen swimming through the streets, hanging out in courtyards and practicing with swords and tridents in the area.


Not much is known about Camp Fish-Blood, but it's assumed that it was established by Aphros and Bythos around the same time that their brother Chiron established Camp Half-Blood.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Mark of Athena

Leo Valdez goes with Aphros to an undersea hill that looks down on the camp.

Notable Heroes

Aphros mentions several famous heroes he and his brother had trained including:


  • The camp's actual name is a series of sonar pings and hisses, but Leo calls it Camp Fish-Blood because he can't speak dolphin.
  • Despite the camp's rule of not allowing any children of Poseidon attend, Triton was one of the heroes at Camp Fish-Blood. (However, Percy Jackson is a demigod child of Poseidon, so having Triton attend the camp may be an exception.)
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