This is a list of chapters from The Kane Chronicles Trilogy. The books are told in the first person from a recording of Carter and Sadie Kane. The narration switches every two chapters.

The Red Pyramid

  1. A Death at the Needle
  2. An Explosion for Christmas
  3. Imprisoned with My Cat
  4. Kidnapped by a Not-So-Stranger
  5. We Meet the Monkey
  6. Breakfast with a Crocodile
  7. I Drop A Little Man on His Head
  8. Muffin Plays with Knives
  9. We Run From the Guys in Skirts
  10. Bast Goes Green
  11. We Meet the Human Flamethrower
  12. A Jump Through the Hourglass
  13. I Face the Killer Turkey
  14. A French Guy Almost Kills Us
  15. A Godly Birthday
  16. How Zia Lost Her Eyebrows
  17. A Bad Trip to Paris
  18. When Fruit Bats Go Bad
  19. A Picnic in the Sky
  20. I Visit the Star-Spangled Goddess
  21. Aunt Kitty to the Rescue
  22. Leroy Meets the Locker of Doom
  23. Professor Thoth's Final Exam
  24. I Blow Up Some Blue Suede Shoes
  25. We Win An All-Expenses-Paid Trip to Death
  26. Aboard the Egyptian Queen
  27. A Demon with Free Samples
  28. I Have a Date with the God of Toilet Paper
  29. Zia Sets a Rendezvous
  30. Bast Keeps a Promise
  31. I Deliver a Love Note
  32. The Place of Crosses
  33. We Go Into the Salsa Business
  34. Doughboy Gives Us a Ride
  35. Men Ask for Directions (and Other Signs of the Apocalypse)
  36. Our Family Is Vaporized
  37. Leroy Gets His Revenge
  38. The House Is in the House
  39. Zia Tells Me a Secret
  40. I Ruin a Rather Important Spell
  41. We Stop the Recording, for Now.

The Throne of Fire

  1. Fun With Spontaneous Combustion
  2. We Tame a Seven-Thousand-Pound Humming Bird
  3. The Ice-cream Man Plots Our Death
  4. A Birthday Invitation To Armageddon
  5. I Learn To Really Hate Dung Beetles
  6. A Birdbath Almost Kills Me
  7. A Gift From The Dog Headed Boy
  8. Major Delays At Waterloo Station (We Apologise For The Giant Baboon)
  9. We Get A Vertically Challenged Tour of Russia
  10. An Old Red Friend Comes To Visit
  11. Carter Does Something Incredibly Stupid (and No One Is Surprised)
  12. I Master The Fine Art of Name Calling
  13. I Get a Demon Up My Nose
  14. At the Tomb of Zia Rashid
  15. Camels Are Evil...
  16. ...But Not as Evil as Romans
  17. Menshikov Hires a Happy Death Squad
  18. Gambling on Doomsday Eve
  19. The Revenge of Bullwinkle the Moose God
  20. We Visit the House of the Helpful Hippo
  21. We Buy Some Time
  22. Friends in the Strangest Places
  23. We Throw a Wild House Party
  24. I Make an Impossible Promise

The Serpent's Shadow

  1. We Crash and Burn a Party
  2. I Have a Word with Chaos
  3. We Win a Box Full of Nothing
  4. I Consult the Pigeon of War
  5. A Dance with Death
  6. Amos Plays with Action Figures
  7. I Get Strangled by an Old Friend
  8. My Sister, The Flowerpot
  9. Zia Breaks Up a Lava Fight
  10. “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” Goes Horribly Wrong
  11. Don't Worry, Be Hapi
  12. Bulls with Freaking Laser Beams
  13. A Friendly Game of Hide-and-Seek (with Bonus Points for Painful Death!)
  14. Fun with Split Personalities
  15. I Become a Purple Chimpanzee
  16. Sadie Rides Shotgun (Worst. Idea. Ever.)
  17. Brooklyn House Goes to War
  18. Death Boy to the Rescue
  19. Welcome to the Fun House of Evil
  20. I Take a Chair
  21. The Gods Are Sorted; My Feelings Are Not
  22. The Last Waltz (for Now)
  23. The Double Date