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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Ship of the Dead.

This is a list of chapters for the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard trilogy. They are told in the first person by Magnus Chase.

The Sword of Summer

  1. Good Morning! You're Going to Die
  2. The Man with the Metal Bra
  3. Don't Accept Rides from Strange Relatives
  4. Seriously, the Dude Cannot Drive
  5. I've Always Wanted to Destroy a Bridge
  6. Make Way for Ducklings, or They Will Smack You Upside the Head
  7. You Look Great Without a Nose, Really
  8. Mind the Gap, and Also the Hairy Guy with the Axe.
  9. You Totally Want the Minibar Key
  10. My Room Does Not Suck
  11. Pleased to Meet You. I Will Now Crush Your Windpipe
  12. At Least I'm Not on Goat-Chasing Duty
  13. Phil the Potato Meets His Doom
  14. Four Million Channels and There's Still Nothing On Except Valkyrie Vision
  15. My Blooper Video Goes Viral
  16. Norns. Why Did It Have to Be Norns?
  17. I Did Not Ask for Biceps
  18. I Do Mighty Combat with Eggs
  19. Do Not Call Me Beantown. Like, Ever.
  20. Come to the Dark Side. We Have Pop-Tarts.
  21. Gunilla Gets Blowtorched and It's Not Funny. Okay, It's a Little Bit Funny.
  22. My Friends Fall Out of a Tree
  23. I Recycle Myself
  24. You Had One Job
  25. My Funeral Director Dresses Me Funny
  26. Hey, I Know You're Dead, But Call Me Maybe
  27. Let's Play Frisbee with Bladed Weapons!
  28. Talk to the Face, 'Cause That's Petty Much All He's Got
  29. We Are Falafel-Jacked by an Eagle
  30. An Apple a Day Will Get You Killed
  31. Go Smelly or Go Home
  32. My Years of Playing Bassmasters 2000 Really Pay Off
  33. Sam's Brother Wakes Up Kinda Cranky
  34. My Sword Almost Ends Up on eBay
  35. Thou Shalt Not Poop on the Head of Art
  36. Duck!
  37. I Am Trash-Talked by a Squirrel
  38. I Break Down in a Volksvagen
  39. Freya Is Pretty! She Has Cats!
  40. My Friend Evolved from a -- Nope. I Can't Say It.
  41. Blitz Makes a Bad Deal
  42. We Have a Pre-Decapitation Party, with Spring Rolls
  43. Let the Crafting of Decorative Metal Waterfowl Begin
  44. Junior Wins a Bag of Tears
  45. I Get to Know Jack
  46. Aboard the Good Ship Toenail
  47. I Psychoanalyze a Goat
  48. Hearthstone Passes Out Even More than Jason Grace (Though I Have No Idea Who That Is)
  49. Well, There's Your Problem. You've Got a Sword Up Your Nose
  50. No Spoilers. Thor Is Way Behind on His Shows.
  51. We Have the Talk-About-Turning-Into-Horseflies Chat
  52. I Got the Horse Right Here. His Name Is Stanley.
  53. How to Kill Giants Politely
  54. Why You Should Not Use a Steak Knife as a Diving Board
  55. I'm Carried into Battle by the First Dwarven Airborne Division
  56. Never Ask a Dwarf to "Go Long"
  57. Sam Hits the EJECT Button
  58. What the Hel?
  59. The Terror That Is Middle School
  60. A Lovely Homicidal Sunset Cruise
  61. Heather Is My New Least Favorite Flower
  62. The Small Bad Wolf
  63. I Hate Signing My Own Death Warrant
  64. Whose Idea Was It to Make This Wolf Unkillable?
  65. I Hate This Part
  66. Sacrifices
  67. One More, for a Friend
  68. Don't Be a No-Bro, Bro
  69. Oh... So That's Who Fenris Smelled in Chapter Sixty-Three
  70. We Are Subjected to the PowerPoint of Doom
  71. We Burn a Swan Boat, Which I'm Pretty Sure Is Illegal
  72. I Lose a Bet
  73. Epilogue

The Hammer of Thor

  1. Could You Please Stop Killing My Goat?
  2. Your Standard Rooftop Chase Scene with Talking Swords and Ninjas
  3. My Friends Protect Me by Telling Me Absolutely Nothing. Thanks, Friends
  4. A Cheetah Run Me Over
  5. My Sword Has a Better Social Life Than I Do
  6. Love Me Some Weasel Soup
  7. Have You or Someone You Love Ever Suffered From Lindworms?
  8. I Am Saved From Certain Death By Being Killed
  9. Never Take a Bubble Bath With a Decapitated God
  10. The Most Awkward Viking Luau Ever
  11. What's a Guy Gotta Do to Get a Standing Ovation?
  12. Samirah and Magnus Sitting in a Tree, T-A-L-K-I-N-G
  13. Relax, It's Just a Little Death Prophecy
  14. Cry Me a Blood River. Wait. Actually, Don't
  15. All in Favour of Slaughterng Magnus, Please Say Aye
  16. Hearthstone Unleashes His Inner Bovine
  17. Uncle Randolph Gets on My Naughty List BIG-TIME
  18. I Need to Learn Many, Many More Cusswords in Sign Language
  19. Should I Be Nervous that the Pilot is Praying?
  20. In Case of Demonic Possession, Please Follow Illuminated Signs to the Nearest Exit
  21. Loiterers Will Be Shot, Then Arrested and Shot Again
  22. Pretty Sure Hearthstone’s Dad Is a Cow-Abducting Alien
  23. Yep, His Other Car Is Definitely a UFO
  24. Oh, You Wanted to Breathe? That’ll Be an Extra Three Gold
  25. Hearthstone? More Like Hearthrob. Am I Right?
  26. We Nuke All the Fish
  27. Let Me Go Immediately, or I Will Make You a Billionaire
  28. And If You Order Now, You Also Get This Cursed Ring!
  29. Nøkk, Nøkk
  30. Somewhere Over the Rainbow, There’s Some Messed-Up Stuff Going On
  31. Heimdall Takes a Selfie with Literally Everyone
  32. Godzilla Sends Me an Important Message
  33. Falafel Break? Yes, Thank You
  34. We Visit My Favorite Mausoleum
  35. We Have a Tiny Problem
  36. Solving Problems with Extreme Fashion
  37. Meat S’mores Roasting on an Open Fire
  38. You Will Never, Ever Guess Blitzen’s Password
  39. Elvis Has Left the Bowling Bag
  40. Little Billy Totally Deserved It
  41. When in Doubt, Turn Into a Biting Insect
  42. Or You Could Just Glow a Lot. That Works, Too
  43. You Keep Using the Word Help. I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means
  44. We Are Honored with Runes and Coupons
  45. Pigtails Have Never Looked So Frightening
  46. Here Comes the Bride and/or the Assassin
  47. I Prepare for Funkytown Combat
  48. All Aboard the Cheesy Gordita Express
  49. Thrym!
  50. A Little Refreshing Poison in Your Face, Sir?
  51. Hello, Paranoia, My Old Friend
  52. My Uncle Gets Some Backup Singers
  53. It’s Hammer Time! (Someone Had to Say It)
  54. Squirrels in the Window May Be Larger Than They Appear
  55. Daisies in the Shape of an Elf
  56. Let’s Try This Whole “Meeting for Coffee” Thing Again
  57. I Call In Some Favors

The Ship of the Dead

  1. Percy Jackson Does His Level Best to Kill Me
  2. Falafel Sandwiches with a Side Order of Ragnarok
  3. I Inherit a Dead Wolf and Some Underwear
  4. But wait. Act Now, and You Get a Second Wolf Free!
  5. I Bid Farewell to Erik, Erik, Erik and Also Erik
  6. I Have a Nightmare About Toenails
  7. We All Drown
  8. In the Hall of the Huffy Hipster
  9. I Become a Temporary Vegetarian
  10. Can We Talk About Mead?
  11. My Sword Takes You to (Dramatic Pause) Funkytown
  12. The Guy With the Feet
  13. Stupid Exploding Grandfathers
  14. Nothing Happens. It's a Miracle
  15. Monkey!
  16. Spit Man Versus Chain Saw. Guess Who Wins
  17. We Are Ambushed by a Pile of Rocks
  18. I Roll Play-Doh to the Death
  19. I Attend a Zombie Pep Rally
  20. Tveirvigi = Worst Vigi
  21. Fun with Open-Heart Surgery
  22. I Have Bad News and - No, Actually I Just Have Bad News
  23. Follow the Smell of Dead Frogs (to the Tune of "Follow the Yellow Brick Road")
  24. I Liked Hearthstone's Dad Better as a Cow-Abducting Alien
  25. We Devise a Fabulously Horrible Plan
  26. Things Get Wyrd
  27. We Win a Small Rock
  28. Don't Ever Ask Me to Cook My Enemy's Heart
  29. We Almost Become a Norwegian Tourist Attraction
  30. Flām, Bomb, Thank You, Mom
  31. Mallory Gets Nuts
  32. Mallory Also Gets Fruit
  33. We Devise a Horribly Fabulous Plan
  34. First Prize: A Giant! Second Prize: Two Giants!
  35. I Get an Assist from the Murder Murder
  36. The Ballad of Halfborn, Hovel-Hero
  37. Alex Bites My Face Off
  38. Skadi Knows All, Shoots All
  39. I Become as Poetic as... Like, a Poetic Person
  40. I Get a Collect Call from Hel
  41. I Call a Time-Out
  42. I Start Small
  43. I Have a Big Finish
  44. Why Do They Get Cannons? I Want Cannons
  45. If You Understand What Happens in This Chapter, Please Tell Me, Because I Have No Clue
  46. I Win a Fluffy Bathrobe
  47. Surprises All Around, Some of Them Even Good
  48. The Chase Space Becomes a Place