The Chase Mansion is located in the Back Bay Neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. The House is located on Commonwealth Avenue, and the back is on public alley 429.


The mansion was owned by Randolph Chase, and was presumably owned by his father before him. His sister Natalie, and brother Frederick lived here in their youth. 

After one thanksgiving, Randolph's siblings and their children never visited the mansion again for eleven years. 

The mansion is currently owned by Annabeth Chase (jointly with Magnus Chase).

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard  

The Sword of Summer  

Magnus sneaks in to the family mansion to find answers as to why he is in danger and learns the truth from Randolph. Magnus could easily understand why his mother had never liked living there, and why she had become a fan of the great outdoors. According to him the mansion was dark oppressive and creepy.  

After Ragnarök is prevented by rebinding the Fenris Wolf, Randolph has a brief conversation with Loki

The Hammer of Thor

Magnus and Alex sneak into the mansion to find information on Mjolnir. They find a picture of Bridal veil Falls and theorize that the wedding is there.

The Ship of the Dead

Magnus and Alex visit the mansion looking for clues. It is revealed that Randolph had left Magnus and Annabeth the mansion in his will.

After Ragnarok is stopped and Loki is reimprisoned, Magnus converts the mansion into a homeless shelter called The Chase Space, a shelter for homeless youths, with him and Alex as the owners. Blitzen and Hearthstone served as cooks, tailors, and life advisors for the kids who first arrived on the Fourth of July.


First Floor/Ground Floor

The first floor contains the entrance foyer and the kitchen.

Second Floor

The second floor contains Randolph's study.

Third Floor

The Third floor contains two bedrooms.

Fourth Floor

The fourth floor contains two more bedrooms.

Fifth Floor

The Uppermost floor. The Fifth floor contains a large library with a small kitchenette with a mini fridge and tea pot.

Roof Deck

The roof contains a barbecue grill, planters and lounge chairs overlooking Back Bay.


  • The Location of the Leif Erikson Statue is not at a place where you could easily view it from the estimated location of the mansion on Public Alley 429.
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