Chiara Benvenuti is an Italian Greek demigod daughter of Tyche.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

Chiara watches Apollo pass out twice.

Chiara is seen at the music lessons arguing with Damien White about a guitar. She wanted to use the guitar but Damien broke a string. Once Apollo starts playing, she falls into tears, weeping in Damien's arms while swearing and hitting him weakly. After Damien smashes the guitar she returns to her angered state.

During Harley's three legged death race, she is partnered with Damien. Chiara gets a mild concussion from the race. She and Damien are later spotted at the canoe dock, glaring at Apollo. During the battle with Colossus, she is seen setting up ballistae around the communal hearth with Damien White, Paolo Montes and Billie Ng.

At the aftermath of the battle, she was a victim to the hay fever outbreak. After Damien White learned about this he got sick as well, having a cot right next to her in the infirmary, and they would be sniping at each other whenever they knew they were being watched.


She is said to look around 18 years old and is pretty. She has a dark pixie cut and fierce almond eyes.


  • She is the first child of Tyche to appear in the series.
  • Like Nico di Angelo and Bianca di Angelo, Chiara is Italian.
  • Though Rick Riordan said that Chiara is going to be a Roman, he used the name Tyche, a Greek goddess, to call her mother. [1] [2]
  • She swears a lot.
  • Damien White calls her 'Lucky'.
  • Apollo has a crush on her and intends to steal her from Damien White.


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