Chlorokinesis, also known as Agrokinesis, Botanokinesis, and Phytokinesis, is the ability to mentally and/or physically summon, control and manipulate plants and vegetation. The person with the ability can control and manipulate wood, rock soil, roots, fruits, and flowers, even moss found in natural field or habitat. They can use this ability to have their enemies ensnared in plants, or even telepathically communicate with plant life and vegetation; an ability known as "green-speaking."


Chlorokinesis is a very powerful ability to have. One with the ability can create, shape and manipulate plants, including wood, vines, plants, moss, and parts of the plants, such as leaves, seeds, fruits and flowers. The user can cause plants to grow, move/attack or even rise from the soil They can use their power for defense and support cause flowers and other plants to bloom instantaneously, manipulate tree branches to use them as whip-like weapons, control spores and pollen, and bring plants back to life and make them sprout seeds/fruits/berries They can use this ability to have their enemies ensnared in plants, or even telepathically communicate with plant life and vegetation; an ability known as "green-speaking." It seems to be an ability possessed by the children of Demeter, and her Roman counterpart, Ceres. This ability can also be possessed by powerful children of Dionysus, and his Roman counterpart Bacchus, they promote the growth of vegetation (such as vines), especially wine grapes. Users can influence and accelerate the growth of plants causing flowers and other plants to bloom instantaneously, causing them to mature with supernatural speed, grow to unusual size, and produce in abundance. User can cause plants to grow from seeds to full-grown plants in moments, cause them to flower and produce fruits, seeds, etc. outside season, cause a cut plant to grow roots and other similar feats.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians


Demeter, the goddess of agriculture

The Lightning Thief

When Percy arrives at camp and sees the strawberry fields, he notices the children of Demeter and the children of Dionysus helping the strawberry plants grow, which the camp uses as a source of income. The Demeter cabin also has plants growing all over the outside of their cabin.

The Titan's Curse

When Percy and Blackjack are on the Chrysler Building, Dionysus causes grape vines to grow around them, and prevent them from flying away. Mr. D later wraps up Dr. Thorn in a large number of grape vines, turning the monster to dust.

The Last Olympian

During the Battle of Manhattan, Demeter and Persephone use their powers over plants to turn a large number of monsters into flowers and bundles of wheat, and to turn the enemies weapons into different types of flowers. The Demeter Cabin also grew a wall of poison ivy to stop the Titan Army from advancing to Olympus.

The Last Olympian

The campers of Demeter's Cabin use this ability to barricade tunnels leading into Manhattan.

The Trials of Apollo

Meg McCaffrey uses this ability numerous times throughout the series.


  • To make plants grow and appear out of nowhere. 
  • To cause plants to quickly manifest from the soil and wrap around a target.
  • To mutate plants by rearranging DNA structures, and revive recently withering plants or dead plants.
  • To create bridges out of wood or make vines grow and support the person to get him/herself on a higher level from the ground.
  • To manipulate wood (dendrokinesis).
  • To weaponize plants by hitting or grasping the target with roots and vines, projecting thorns at a distance.
  • To release deadly toxins, venoms, and pheromones (toxigenesis).
  • To keep bacterial fungi at bay.
  • To summon Karpoi
  • To sense magical items made from wood.
  • To telekinetically move plants.
  • To sense the location of plants.
  • To telepathically communicate with plants.
  • To teleport through plants.

Known Users

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