Chuck Hedge is the satyr son of Mellie and Gleeson Hedge.

The Heroes of Olympus

The House of Hades

Coach Hedge mentioned his wife, the air spirit Mellie, was pregnant and he was worried with the pending Roman invasion.

The Blood of Olympus

Chuck was born right before the battle between the Greek and Roman demigods broke out, with Coach Hedge making it to Camp Half-Blood just in time for his birth. After the defeat of Gaea and the monster army, Hedge proudly parades him around the dining pavilion, with Clarisse, Chuck's godmother, keeping close watch. He was delivered by Will Solace, son of Apollo .

Gleeson Hedge

Gleeson Hedge, his father

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

Chuck left with his parents to Los Angeles at the start of the fall.


  • Knowing of his father's love of action movies and violence, he is most likely named after the famous actor Chuck Norris.
  • He is the youngest Satyr to appear in either series.