Clarion Ladies Academy is a girls finishing school in New Hampshire/Connecticut, which Rachel Elizabeth Dare attends.

Percy Jackson and the OlympiansEdit

The Last OlympianEdit

Mr. Dare wanted Rachel to attend where her mother went. She makes a deal with her father to go to this private school if he would let her leave the family holiday they were currently on in order to warn Percy Jackson that he was not the hero of the prophecy.

Rachell Elizabethh Daree

Rachel Elizabeth Dare, who goes to Clarion Ladies Academy.

The Heroes of OlympusEdit

The Lost HeroEdit

She was seen in her Clarion Ladies Academy uniform at Camp Half Blood.

Rachel's Mom and the Academy Edit

It is also said that Rachel's mother went to Clarion Ladies Academy some years before she met Mr. Dare. Rachel tells Percy about it in The Last Olympian, while sitting inside Paul Blofis' Prius which Paul had let Percy borrow for a short drive.

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