Cleopatras needle

Cleopatra's Needle-London

Cleopatra's Needle is the name for each of three obelisks located in London, New York, and Paris. The London obelisk is located on the Victoria Embankment.[1]

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

On the way to the British Museum with Sadie and Carter, Julius asks the taxi driver to pull over just past the Waterloo Bridge on the Victoria Embankment. Carter describes it as "about seventy feet tall", yet "small and sad" given it's location on the Thames river with towering buildings surrounding it. As Julius stares at the top of the obelisk, he murmurs that he had to see where it happened again, implying that Ruby Kane died at that location.[2]

It was at this place where Julius and Ruby Kane freed Bast from her imprisonment resulting in Ruby Kane's death.

The New York obelisk is located in Central Park, Manhattan and was used by Carter, Sadie, and Zia to open a gate to Cairo.[3]

The Throne of Fire

Sadie Kane later used it to anchor a portal to visit her grandparents.[4]


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