Collect The Gold Laurels was an activity/game conceived by Quinteus who was the swordmaster at the time.  Six ten foot long giant scorpions had packages tied to their tails.  Only one of the packages had the golden laurels in them.  The objective was to get the laurels.  In order to win however the campers would have to slay the scorpion.  In the game three scorpions cornered Percy and Annabeth at Zeus' Fist.  The pair avoided being killed because Percy accidentally touched The Mark of Daedalus and sent them into The Labyrinth.

The team that ended up winning was Clarisse and Lee Fletcher.


Annabeth Chase & Percy Jackson
Tyson & Grover Underwood
Clarisse & Lee Fletcher
Connor Stoll & Travis Stoll
Charles Beckendorf & Silena Beauregard