The Colossus of Nero (Colossus Neronis) was an statue/automaton based on Emperor Nero. It makes its appearance in The Hidden Oracle attacking Camp Half-Blood at Nero's command.


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The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

While trying to burn the Grove of Dodona, Nero mentioned that his "wrecking crew" was about to arrive. After Nero's retreat, Sherman Yang detected it making landfall. It was first spotted as Apollo and the freed demigods were flying back to camp on winged Myrmekes.

It attempted in breaking the camp's protective barrier, created by the Athena Parthenos and the Golden Fleece. The campers and Chiron attempted to slow it down, with little visible effect. It succeeded in breaking the barrier, and destroyed the Dining Pavilion and the Demeter Cabin before Percy and Mrs O'Learey shadow-traveled on top of its head and distracted it out to sea.


The Plague-covered arrow that killed it.

On a chariot pulled by Pegasi, Apollo, Kayla & Austin tries to retrieve arrows from the automaton's armpit and neck. They succeeded in retrieving some arrows, which Apollo attempts to enchant. Apollo was able to enchant the arrow with hay-fever, causing his children to fall ill and crash the chariot.

Using Chiron's Bow, Apollo shoots his arrow into the statue's earhole. It nearly misses, but a gust of wind (possibly the West Wind) redirected it and found it's mark. The arrow inflicts sickness to the statue's life-force, causing it to sneeze repeatedly before its neck- damaged by the camper's arrows- broke, launching the head. It's body crashed into the sea, where whales hauled the body to Poseidon's Palace to be reused as a statue of Poseidon.


It was described as having based on both Apollo and Nero's image; having a halo of spikes representing the sun's rays and Nero's "neck-beard". It was powered by harnessed nature spirits.


  • It was made by Nero's successors into a statue of the sun god Apollo and the emperor to show off Nero's divinity.
The Trials of Apollo
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