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Commodus (born Lucius Aurelius Commodus in 161 AD) was a Roman Emperor and a current god-emperor. Alongside Nero and another emperor,(Possibly Caligula) he is a Triumvirate Holdings Leader.


Commodus was born in 161 AD near Rome, the son of Marcus Aurelius, the ruling Emperor. In 172 AD, during the Marcomannic War, he was given the victory title Germanicus. When he was eighteen years old, he became Apollo's lover for a short while. He ruled alongside his father Marcus Aurelius from 170 AD until his father died in 180 AD, and ruled on his own from 180 to 192 AD. He loved throwing extravagant games and slaughtering exotic animals and traitors (both real and imagined). He was finally assassinated in 192 by Apollo.

In the Series

Commodus, alongside Nero, influenced many events throughout history via Triumvirate Holdings-- using the company to fund Luke Castellan during the Second Titan War, and Octavian during the Second Giant War. At some point in time, he settled in Indianapolis.

The Trials of Apollo

The Dark Prophecy


His Combat Ostriches

Commodus is currently residing in Indianapolis intending to make the city his new capital.


Commodus is a narcissist. He thinks he has the right to get away with whatever he wants. In "The Dark Prophecy", he shows the desire to name the city, its major landmarks, and even dates and times, after himself. Commodus holds deep-seated fears, anger and bitterness. He hasn't been able to come to terms with the fact that Apollo, his friend and former lover, murdered him.

Commodus has a disregard for the rules, born from the fact that he disliked his father's strict adherence to them. Commodus is also impatient, wanting things done now, and killing those who advise caution or restraint. He also has a habit of seeing traitors in groups- some real, some imagined- and is blind to the fact that his actions are what created the real traitors.


Unlike Nero, Commodus is actually very good looking. He has curly brown hair with a beard, perfect teeth and brilliant blue eyes. His body bulked up with six-pack, golden abs. It makes him look like a hero so much, people can mistake him for an airbrushed, overly muscular caricature of Hercules, hence his nickname, the New Hercules.


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The Trials of Apollo
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