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DOA Recording Studios (meaning Dead On Arrival) is one of the main entrances to the Underworld. It is located in Los Angeles, California.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Grover Underwood used this entrance to enter the Underworld to confront Hades.


The doors in the lobby say: NO SOLICITORS. NO LOITERING. NO LIVING. Inside the lobby, muzak music plays and the carpet and walls are steel gray. There is black leather furniture and an elevator. Charon is on a raised podium inside the studio.

Charon's Boat

When someone dies, they will be taken into an elevator going down via Charon (if he allows them), then they sail across the River Styx.


  • The original entrance to the Underworld was the Cave of Avernus.
  • DOA means "Dead On Arrival," which most people are when they arrive there.
  • Adults must pay a fee for the trip on Charon's boat (usually charged to their last cable bill or with American Express).
  • People who cannot pay stay in the lobby hoping for a free trip or until Charon's discretion to them changes. Many have stayed for a couple of hundreds of years, while some have only been there for a few days, and some might even still be waiting after thousands of years; most of these are children.
  • When Percy, Annabeth and Grover come to DOA, they claim they died in a bathtub. This may be a reference to Agamemnon, who was killed by his wife in a bathtub.
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