This a list of those who died in the series, and those who are mentioned to have died before the series. However, keep in mind that monsters on this page may, will, or have already reformed from Tartarus. Characters in bold are considered protagonists that readers may/may not mourn. Characters in italics are considered antagonists(ex. monsters). Characters in underline are mostly unimportant/in the middle.

Before the series

Images Hazel

Hazel Levesque, who died in the 1940s but was brought back from the Underworld by her half brother Nico di Angelo.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

  • The Furies - Alecto was killed at Metropolitan Museum by Percy Jackson, but reformed later.
  • The Minotaur - Percy killed it with one of its own horns.
    • Reformed some time before The Last Olympian, but killed again by Percy during the Battle of Manhattan.
  • Hellhound- shot in the side by Chiron.
  • Medusa - Head sliced off by Percy.
  • Procrustes - Head sliced off by Percy.
  • Unnamed preacher - fell off a cliff during a police chase because he was scamming people. Percy and Grover recognized him in the Underworld.
  • A Boar - drowned by Percy in the fight against Ares.
  • Gabe Ugliano - Killed when Sally Jackson turned him to stone with Medusa's head. Sally sells him as a statue named The Poker Player.
  • Pit Scorpion - chopped in half by Percy.

The Sea of Monsters

  • Laistrygonian Giants- killed by Annabeth, Tyson, and Percy.
  • Stymphalian Birds - Killed by Apollo Demigods at Camp Half-Blood.
  • The Hydra - Killed by the CSS Birmingham's cannons.
  • Confederate Sailors - When the CSS Birmingham exploded (though technically already dead).
  • Circe - (Presumably, as she is a goddess) Killed by Edward "Blackbeard" Teach when he was freed from his curse of being a Guinea Pig.
  • Deer - Eaten by flesh-eating sheep.
  • Unspecified Drakon - Killed after starting a fire at Camp Half-Blood
  • Oreius - shot in the mouth by a centaur with a bow and arrow.
  • Agrius - Kicked in the head by Blackjack.
  • Probably other monsters killed by campers while the Questers are away.

The Titan's Curse

The Battle of the Labyrinth

The Demigod Files

The Last Olympian

  • Charles Beckendorf' - Died in the explosion of the Princess Andromeda. '(died after Kronos had risen)
  • A Giant Crab - Stabbed in a soft spot on his stomach by Percy.
  • Numerous Telkhines and Dracaena were killed by Percy prior to the explosion of the Princess Andromeda
  • Hundreds of Kronos's warriors- Destroyed in the explosion of the Princess Andromeda.
  • A Giant Squid - Turned into a lot of Goldfish by Poseidon.
  • The Minotaur - Reformed since The Lightning Thief, though is soon killed by Percy again with his own axe.
  • A member of Apollo's Cabin, dragged off by a Hellhound.
  • Michael Yew - 'Sweeped away when Percy stabbed with Riptide the Williamsburg bridge.(Although his body was never found, and not even his spirit was seen in the Underworld) '(died after Kronos had risen)
  • Many unknown campers.
  • Unknown child of Apollo (Wrapped in a golden shroud but Percy couldn't see their face)

    Luke died while stopping Kronos from evolving to his true form

  • Leneus - Killed in The Battle of Manhattan, reincarnates into a Laurel tree.
  • Hyperion - Turned into a maple tree by Grover and the satyrs.
  • The Clazmonian Sow - Killed by Percy, with the assistance of a few automatons.
  • Silena Beauregard' - Died fighting a drakon. '(died after Kronos had risen)
  • Lydian Drakon - Killed by Clarisse after Silena's death.
  • An unnamed Child of Ares - Eaten by the Lydian Drakon.
  • Queen Sess - Shot by Chiron with a bow and arrow.
  • Ethan Nakamura' - died when a shard of his own sword hit him in the stomach after he slashed at Kronos. He was later sucked into a fissure on Olympus, and fell to his death. '(died after Kronos had risen)
  • Kronos - Dissolved to dust when Luke Castellan stabbed himself with Annabeth's dagger. He is not dead, but has spread so thin that he'll probably never be able to form a consciousness again (as said by Hermes). a fate that his mother, Gaea, ultimately repeats.
  • Luke Castellan' - Killed himself to stop Kronos from evolving into his true form. '(died after Kronos had risen)
  • A Hunter- Said to be knocked out of a tree by enemy arrows.
  • The Oracle, who was already dead, was now dissolved so that Rachel Elizabeth Dare could take the spirit of the Oracle.
  • There were many unrecorded deaths in The Battle of Manhattan as there was simply too many to count and too little time. According to the The Demigod Diaries, 1000 demigods that fought for Kronos were killed, while 16 Camp Half-Blood demigods were killed total.
  • Many Nature Spirits were killed by Titan Army Scouts.
  • Typhon-  Chained, stabbed by Poseidon, and sent down a "slip-n-slide" into Tartarus.
  • 20 Satyrs at Fort Washington.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

  • Venti - Dissolved when Jason stabbed them.
  • Sump - Killed by Leo's machine (reformed almost instantly).
  • Torque - Killed by Leo's machine (reformed almost instantly).
  • Ma Gasket - Smashed by an engine block (reformed almost instantly).
  • Festus - Shot down by lasers
  • Medea - Died in an explosion
  • Two sun dragons - Destroyed in an explosion
  • King Midas - Presumably killed by a crowd of his victims
  • Lityerses - Turned to gold (later turned back)
  • Earthborn- Killed by Jason, Piper, and Leo. Several were also killed by the Hunters later.
  • Lycanthropes - Killed by the Hunters of Artemis
  • Enceladus - Killed by Jason with a lightning bolt from Zeus
  • Various other monsters - destroyed when Hera unleashed her true form.

The Son of Neptune

The Demigod Diaries

The Mark of Athena

The House of Hades

The Blood of Olympus

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods

  • Titans Iapetus, Koios, Krios(reformed during The Last Olympian, killed by Jason Grace), Hyperion (reformed during The Last Olympian, killed by Percy and the satyrs.)
  • Erisikthon (ate himself out of hunger)
  • Askalaphos, Hades' personal gardener (though already dead)
  • Most mortals by Zeus

Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

  • Millard and Herbert - Died on their way to inform Rachel Elizabeth Dare about what is going on at camp.
  • Several Myrmekes - One boiled in a geyser while fighting Apollo, others shot by arrows or died in cave in by the former god.
  • Several Dryads - Sacrificed themselves to the extinguish a fire to save the Grove of Dodona.

The Dark Prophecy

  • Heloise - Killed during the attack on the Waystation.

The Burning Maze

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The Lightning Thief

  • The Minotaur - attempted with Riptide, Percy killed it with one of its horns.
  • Hysterical Woman's Husband - Turned to stone by Medusa before the woman (Not Shown).
  • Hysterical Woman - Turned to stone by Medusa.
  • Medusa - Head was cut off by Percy Jackson.
  • Hydra - Turned to stone by Medusa's head.
  • Gabe Ugliano - Turned to stone when opening the fridge with Medusa's Head in it.

Sea of Monsters