This is a list of deaths in or prior to the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard.

Note: This does not include deaths of einherjar within the Hotel Valhalla, as those are temporary. 

Prior to the Series

  • Balder - Killed by Hod who was tricked by Loki to throw a mistletoe, which was the only thing he was vulnerable to.
  • Ayesha al-Abbas - Died of unknown causes.
  • Various children of Odin, Thor and Tyr - killed by Fenris Wolf while checking on Gleipnir.
  • Vali and Narvi - As punishment for their father killing Balder, Vali was turned into a wolf and killed his brother Narvi, who was then killed, stuffed and mounted. The brother's entrails were used to bind Loki to a slab of rock.
  • Hunding - Died in 738 C.A., returned as Einherjar.
  • Helgi - Died in 738 C.A., returned as Einherjar.
  • Halfborn Gunderson - Died in the conquest of Normandy' returned as Einherjar
  • Thomas Jefferson Jr. - Killed in American Civil War, returned as Einherjar.
  • Jeffrey Toussaint - Killed in American Civil War, returned as Einherjar, faded.
  • Dmitiri- died when his band's tour bus crashed. Returned as member of the people's army.
  • Bili - Killed by Fenris Wolf while checking Gleipnir.
  • Grandpa Chase - Died of unknown causes.
  • Grandma Chase - Died of unknown causes.
  • Natalie Chase - Killed by wolves.
  • Randolph Chase's wife and daughters - Died while at sea.
  • Mallory Keen - Died while defusing a car bomb.
  • Lars Alhstrom - Died saving passengers from a sinking ship, returned as Einherjar.
  • Dede - Killed by warlord while allowing children to escape him, returned as Einherjar.
  • Unnamed son of Odin - Returned as Einherjar.
  • Unnamed daughter of Heimdall - Returned as Einherjar.

The Sword of Summer

  • Magnus Chase - Killed by Surt trying to retrieve Sumarbrander, returned as Einherjar.
  • Gjalp- Killed when Jack flew up her nose and destroyed her brain.
  • Greip- Killed when stabbed in the chest with a knife and brain scrambled by Jack.
  • Geirrod- Accidently crushed himself when he was throwing support beams at Magnus and his friends for killing his daughters.
  • Gunilla - Killed by Surt, trying to stop him from claiming Sumarbrander and unbinding Fenris Wolf.
  • Irene- Killed while fighting fire giants.
  • Margaret- Killed while fighting fire giants. 

The Hammer of Thor

  • Alex Fierro- Died defending homeless demigod from Fenris wolf's children.
  • Thrynga - Kiled by Thor at the wedding.
  • Thrym - Killed by Thor at the wedding.
  • Randolph Chase- Died from braking the curse on the snofnung sword and jumping in to an abyss leading to Helheim.

The Ship of the Dead

  • A Wolf - be headed by Alex after trying to steal Randolph's journal.
  • Hrungnir- Stabbed in the heart by Thomas Jefferson Jr.