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For other uses of the name Diomedes, see Diomedes (disambiguation).

Diomedes was a barbaric king of the Bistonian tribe of Thrace who fed his horses a diet of human flesh.


Hercules' Twelve Labors


Hercules, Diomedes' killer

Hercules was commanded to fetch Diomedes' flesh-eating horses by King Eurystheus as the eighth of his twelve Labors. He captured the animals and left them in the care of his young squire Abderos, while he went to deal with Diomedes. During his absence, the boy was devoured. Hercules then fed Diomedes to the beasts, stilling their unnatural appetite with a meal of their master's flesh. [1]

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Battle of the Labyrinth

Diomedes was mentioned by Eurytion as one of the clients who the Triple G Ranch raised animals for.


Percy Jackson and the Olympians
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