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A djed is the symbol of Osiris; it represents his spine.

The Kane Chronicles

When Anubis takes Carter and Sadie Kane to the Land of the Dead to see their father, he gives them an amulet with the djed engraved in it. The symbol stands for stability, strength and a backbone. Djed also stands for the power of
FileLouvre 122007 29

The djed.

Osiris as it is renewed life from the ashes of death. The djed is often associated with the Underworld and the dead.

When Carter and Sadie come back to Brooklyn House, they visit a school (they do not say because they know that the right person will find it) and put the djed in one of the lockers, with a locker combination 13/32/33 in an attempt to attract other young Magicians with the blood of the pharaohs. The first two to respond to the call are Jaz and Walt, who, in The Throne of Fire, have been training with them for seven weeks, longer than any of the other trainees.

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