Dolphin Warriors are former humans that were changed into dolphin-human hybrids by Dionysus. They later joined Chrysaor and became his faithful crew.



Dionysus turning the pirate crew into dolphins.

When Dionysus was a young god, he traveled the land and taught people how to make wine. On his way back home to Thebes, he was captured by pirates who believed him to be royalty and would fetch a high ransom. Dionysus allowed them to capture him and bring him on board, but the ropes would unravel around the god. The helmsman, Acoetes, recognized him as a god, but his warnings were ignored by the rest of the crew and the captain taunted him.

When the captain ordered they set sail, the ship refused to move. The captain then noticed vines holding the ship in place and growing all over the ship. Dionysus then turned into a lion and the crew fled the ship, jumping over the side. Those that jumped however turned into dolphins on the way down. The only one that was spared was the helmsman.

In the Series

Apparently Dionysus had turned some of the crew into dolphin-human hybrids instead of just turning them into dolphins. Chrysaor trained them and together they ravaged the Mediterranean Sea as the most fearsome pirating crew in history.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Mark of Athena

While sailing in the Mediterranean Sea, Chrysaor and his dolphin warriors invaded and took over the Argo II in a matter of minutes. They tie up most of the crew, including putting a gag on Piper McLean to prevent her from charmspeaking, and place them on the deck. At one point Percy Jackson gets free and battles Chrysaor, but the dolphin warriors just stand around and watch, confident that their captain will win, which he does when he successfully disarms Percy twice.

The dolphin warriors only become afraid when Percy mentioned that Dionysus is their captain, with the wine god being the only thing they actually fear. Percy claims that as punishment for failing to sail to Rome, Dionysus would drive them crazy or fully turn them into dolphins. He then points to a hiding Frank Zhang, who uses his shapeshifting abilities to change into a dolphin. Despite their captain's protests, the dolphin warriors flee in fear leaving Chrysaor alone on the ship and without his crew, he is quickly dispatched by Frank and the others.


  • Dolphin warriors are excellent swimmers.
  • They are skilled with a sword or other weapons.
  • They can take over a ship in a matter of minutes.
  • They are nearly fearless, the only thing they are scared of is Dionysus.


  • Dionysus has, on a few occasions, threatened to turn people into dolphins, namely Percy Jackson.
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