Man, congrats and stuff! Awesome! Hey, do you have any spare change?

–Don to Percy, in The Son of Neptune

Don is one of the Roman fauns who hangs around Camp Jupiter, often asking for spare change and food.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

When Hazel Levesque is showing Percy Jackson around camp, Don walks up to Hazel with a sign that says "WILL WORK SING TALK GO AWAY FOR DENARII." He is asking for change, and making up bad lies for the reasons why he needs the money, such as "I left my wallet at home," like all fauns. Percy wonders why fauns do not help the camp, as he has some memory of the satyrs at Camp Half-Blood. However, at this statement, Don just laughs and says fauns are free spirits, before spotting a cursed diamond on the ground. Hazel picks it up before he can grab it, much to his annoyance, but forgives her as she tells him to "Please go away" instead of just "Go away." Percy also finds his name funny ('Don' rhymes with 'faun')


A faun.[1]

After the battle with the Giant Army, he sneaks into the mess hall and proceeds to ask people for change.


Don is described as having an afro and wears a Hawaiian shirt with rainbow tinted sunglasses.


Don has a funny personality. He is very optimistic, despite his poor situation, and is clearly not above making a mockery of himself for spare change. He has low self-respect, but seemingly high self-esteem. Don also seems to consider himself a friend of everyone he has tried to beg money of, and is fairly honest. He also sees the best in everyone, due to him thinking highly of Hazel due to her being polite when asking him to leave.


  • When Don smells Percy, he can tell that Percy has an Empathy Link with a faun. Percy has an Empathy link with Grover Underwood, a satyr (the Greek form of a faun).
  • He is the only faun who has a speaking role and is mentioned by name in The Son of Neptune.
  • He acts as a nurse in the aftermath of the Battle of Camp Jupiter.


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