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Fine. I’ll take custody of the prisoner. But if I were you, Kinzie, I wouldn’t worry about Hylla. She won’t be queen much longer.

–Doris talking to Kinzie, in The Son of Neptune

Doris is one of the Amazons and becomes loyal to Otrera when she returns from the dead.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

She is one of the guards against Percy Jackson and Frank Zhang's cell with Lulu, two Amazons loyal to Otrera and following her orders. In order to lure her into a trap as she notices several crates of silver jewelery, Hazel dropped to her knees claiming to be afraid of the Amazons when Kinzie brings Hazel to the cages. Kinzie tells Doris to bring her to the cages or she will threaten to tell Queen Hylla that she is not doing her duty. Doris reluctantly agrees to take Hazel, but says that Hylla will not be queen much longer. Kinzie brushes her off and leaves Hazel with her. Doris then began to try and pull Hazel up, but Hazel made her body go limp as she focused on the crate of silver. Doris then called Lulu over to help which she did. When they were both close, Hazel used a tidal wave of silver friendship bracelets to knock Doris and Lulu over the side of the catwalk, but kept them suspended in the air as they screamed like little girls. Hazel then threatened to drop Doris and Lulu if they did not pass up their Amazon cards, which they did.

The Heroes of Olympus
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