Festus, a mechanical dragon.

Dragons are large, sometimes winged creatures that are often used for guarding objects or places. They are younger than drakons.


220px-Reggio calabria museo nazionale mosaico da kaulon

An Ancient Greek mosaic of a dragon.

Dragons are extremely powerful and strong, with their hard scales that cannot be easily pierced by weapons such as swords or arrows.

The apples of immortality in the Garden of the Hesperides are protected by the dragon Ladon.

Another dragon, Peleus, is currently under employment of Camp Half-Blood, guarding the Golden Fleece that hangs on the pine tree on top of Half-Blood Hill.

Some automatons are made to resemble or represent dragons, such as Festus.

Dragons often make appearances in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus series. In The Last Olympian, several were seen in the Lincoln Tunnel and according to Grover, a young dragon had appeared at Harlem and destroyed a dozen nature spirits.


  • Most dragons can fly, breathe fire, and are extremely powerful, strong, and intelligent creatures.
  • Their hard scales cannot be easily pierced by swords, arrows, and other weaponry.
  • Some dragons, like Ladon, have deadly poisons in their teeth and claws.

Dragons' Teeth

The teeth of dragons like Sybaris are the only items that can be used to summon Spartoi, a type of powerful monster.

Notable dragons

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