Dwarves are creatures in Norse mythology and live in Nidavellir which is one of The Nine Worlds which is on the branches and roots of the world tree Yggdrasil.


Dwarves have evolved from maggots that chewed into the decaying flesh of Ymir's corpse not very long after the beginning of creation. Their world developed under Midgard and has no sunlight. They can range in height, some, like Blitzen, being able to pass as short humans. They are master craftsmen and when they make something, they make it to last, giving their creations such as cups, furniture, and weapons names and claiming they have souls.

Dwarves are subterranean creatures and they turn to stone in the sunlight. They are also tougher, being able to mold rock easily.


Svartalf means Dark Elf, but it is a misnomer since they are actually a subset of dwarves. Svartalfar are usually the children of Freya and a dwarf, making them demigods. Having Vanir blood, they are taller and self-proclaimed "better-looking" than Nidavellir dwarves.


  • The Dwarfs have a matrilineal culture, so they respectfully refer to each other and to visitors as the children of their respective mothers, rather than fathers (as most other races in the Nine Realms do).

Known Dwarves