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Eddie is the superintendent of the apartment where Gabe Ugliano, Sally Jackson, and Percy Jackson were living before the drastic events of The Lightning Thief. Eddie was also a former friend of Gabe's, and he played poker with him often.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

When Percy comes home back from Yancy Academy, Gabe threatens to call the cops on him; however Eddie tells Gabe to "lay off" Percy, because he is just a kid. He is part of the image of Gabe's poker friends when Percy speaks to the Oracle of Delphi for the first time.


Eddie was much nicer than Gabe, shown by his sympathy towards Percy Jackson. However, if pressured by Gabe, Eddie would go along with what he said.

Gabe Ugliano

Gabe, who Eddie plays poker with.

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