Clarisse using an electric spear

Electric spears are spears that can conduct electricity. Notable users of electric spears are Clarisse La Rue and Thalia Grace.


Clarisse has had two spears given to her by her father, Ares. The first one was broken by Percy Jackson during his first Capture the Flag game, and the second one, named Maimer (nicknamed 'Lamer' by the other campers), was snapped in half when Clarisse used it to kill the drakon by spearing it in its eye. In The Lost Hero, a camper makes a remark indicating

Percy, who broke the first spear

that Jason's spear, Ivlivs, is superior to Clarisse's electric spear. However, since her spear broke in The Last Olympian, it is unknown if she got a new one or if the camper is referring to her old spear.


The spears have a barbed tip that flashes red. They crackle with energy and electrocute the victim. It numbs the victim's limbs with pain and slows them down, therefore making them easy to defeat.

Known Electric Spears


  • Thalia's Spear can channel lightning. This makes it an electric spear.
  • People also make fun of Clarisse's second spear, calling it Lamer instead of Maimer behind Clarisse's back.
  • Jason's lance form of Ivlivs can also channel lightning (mostly because Jason is a son of Zeus).
  • As shown in The Last Olympian, if an electric spear is broken, the electricity in the spear is released and shocks whoever it stabbed.
  • Ivlivs exploded when it was broken, as it did in The Lost Hero, during the fight with Enceladus.
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