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No such floor kiddo.

–Guard to Percy, The Last Olympian

The Elevator Security Guard sits in the lobby of the Empire State Building. He gives an elevator key to demigods going up to Olympus.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

He first appears when Percy returns the Master Bolt to Zeus. At first, he appears bored and denies that there is a 600th floor, but when Percy shows him the Master Bolt, he fumbles for his key card and tells him to insert it in the security slot.

The Last Olympian

He appears again when the Demigod Army tries to go up to Olympus. Again, he says there's no 600th floor, but when Percy says that "Forty demigods attract an awful lot of monsters. You really want us hanging out in your lobby?" The security guard hits a buzzer and the security gates swing open. Later, when Kronos enters the lobby, the guard is gone.


He has pale blue eyes and a bald head.


  • It's unknown if he is a mortal.
  • The guard is seen in The Lightning Thief teaser giving Percy the key card.
  • He can see through the Mist.

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