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Words. Words calm Ella down. Words, words, words...

–Ella, in The Son of Neptune

Ella is a small, red-feathered, skinny harpy, who is able to memorize anything she reads. She has read parts of the sacred Sibylline Books of Rome before they were destroyed and lost, which makes her able to recite prophecies, and also makes her very valuable.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

Hazel the keeper of the stick

Hazel, her close friend

Ella is an ally of Percy Jackson, Frank Zhang, and Hazel Levesque who holds a number of secrets. She was first seen with Phineas and, like the other harpies, was cursed to eat only food from Phineas' table. Phineas said Ella was the most annoying harpy, and that she was more persistent than the rest. The real reason Phineas wanted her was probably because she had read the Sibylline Books. Phineas said, "I was a king once, I could be a king again." She was harassed by the other harpies, as whenever she got food, the others would steal it and leave her with nothing. It was only safe if she took it to her nest at the local library. Ella lived on a makeshift cardboard shelter on top of the Multnomah County Library, surrounded by books. After the trio defeated Phineas, Ella said she would come with them. She told Hazel that she would not have any more blackouts after "sharing" with Frank. Once the group reached Grandma Zhang's house, she hid until Tyson found her, and took her back to California. She assisted Tyson in the battle at Camp Jupiter by shouting out advice.

The Mark of Athena

When a large banquet is called for in Camp Jupiter and the Greek demigods are discussing what to do, Ella spouts off the lines in the prophecy she read from the book. Frank gets very mad at her, and she is later taken away from Camp Jupiter for her protection to Camp Half-Blood.

Later, when the group tells Chiron about the Roman demigods getting ready to attack, he claims that both Ella and Rachel Elizabeth Dare are working together to discern more.

The House of Hades

Rachel Elizabeth Dare and Grover Underwood mention to Octavian during their meeting with the Romans in Manhattan that Ella has been murmuring lines from the Sibylline Books at Camp Half-Blood and that she is dating Tyson.

The Blood of Olympus

Ella is seen in Nico's dream feeding Seymour the leopard head Cheetos and later helps Reyna, Nico, Coach Hedge, Dakota, and Leila return to shore and deal with Michael Kahale with the help of Tyson and Rainbow. She, Rachel, and Tyson go with the Romans to Camp Jupiter to attempt to rewrite the Sybilline Books.


Frank Z

Frank, her acquaintance, helped keep her safe in The Son of Neptune.

Ella has a particular dislike for cheese, but has tremendous knowledge on a multitude of subjects that balances her unscrupulous dieting. She likes cinnamon and Iris' macrobiotic jerky, stating that, in her words, "jerky is good for harpies". She reads a lot and always memorizes everything she reads and blurts out random pieces of knowledge word for word at random times. Her home is nested with paper from books she has read. She is often helpful when there is trouble.

Ella also tends to speak of herself in the third person. She can be very resourceful at times and is also shown to be independent, not staying with the other Harpies and working alone. Ella also has a crush on Tyson.


Although Harpies are generally described as ugly, Ella is an exception, with shaggy bright red hair and feathers as well as coffee-colored eyes and rounded face. She is rather petite compared to the other Harpies. Tyson the Cyclops describes her as very pretty. She is also described as really skinny and is called a "chicken" by Frank Zhang. She never had enough to eat so she's skinnier than others. She has a gash on her back, from when Phineas hit her with a weed-whacker, but it might have healed.


Unlike most harpies, Ella is intelligent from having an eidetic memory, meaning she can remember anything she has read or heard. However, sometimes things become jumbled and she will say something unrelated based on a word or phrase (when Percy says they are friends, Ella begins to talk about the TV show Friends). She is also smaller than the other harpies, but is faster, just visible as blur when she moves. Her greatest ability is that she can speak prophecies as she has read parts of the Sibylline Books; however, because she moves from each topic so quickly the prophecies she speaks may be incomplete.


Love Interests



Tyson, Ella's boyfriend.

Ella has a crush on Tyson. She blushes when he is around and perches on his shoulder. Percy notices this and says "Tyson, you big charmer, you." Tyson says "Um... no", then Tyson whispers back loudly, "She is pretty." During the Battle, she gives Tyson advice on how to defeat his enemies, rather than hide. In The House of Hades, it is mentioned by Grover Underwood that Ella is dating Tyson.


Frank Zhang

Ella might have liked Frank as she gave him one of her feathers and blushed when he gave her a compliment. Although, this might only be a sign of appreciation.

Hazel Levesque

When first meeting her, Hazel appears to be the only person able to calm her down as when Frank walks up to her she becomes scared. Hazel (having spent a lot of time with horses) walks up to Ella as if she was a scared animal and heals her wounds with nectar. From then on, Hazel helps calm Ella down whenever she becomes too scared or nervous.

Percy Jackson


Percy Jackson, Ella's friend, protector, and liberator.

Percy has the original idea that frees Ella. Upon meeting her, he thinks that Phineas' attack of her is terrible. During Frank and Hazel's simultaneous blackout, the two apparently struggle to hold a conversation. Percy is shown to respect Ella's immense knowledge and takes her feelings into account, as seen when he does not force her onto the plane.



Iris (owner of R.O.F.L., where Percy, Hazel, and Frank find her) states that the Harpies (which would include Ella) are her sisters, and asks Frank not to kill them after prompting that they should seek Phineas for help on their quest.


Iris, when helping Percy, Frank, and Hazel at R.O.F.L., asks that when they find Phineas, that they not kill her sisters, the Harpies, including Ella. Ella is not the same as her sisters. It is shown that she is more intelligent, more independent, and faster than her sisters. She is able to avoid Phineas and his weed-whacker (all except for one incident) because of her speed and agility. She is also shown to be picked on by the harpies, presumably because of her small stature, as shown when they steal the food Percy offered to Ella as a peace offering.


  • Ella's official artwork was released four days before her official release date.
  • Ella is scared of planes.
  • Ella does not like cheese.
  • Ella's name is a play on the Latin word Aella, meaning harpy.
  • Ella talks in the third person.
  • Ella is scared of boats.
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