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One of the librarians, whose name was Esther, insisted on driving them personally. She was so nice about it, Percy thought she must be a monster in disguise; but Hedge pulled him aside and assured him that Esther smelled like a normal human.

–Percy talking about Esther, in The Mark of Athena

Esther is a librarian at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library.

Heroes of Olympus

The Mark of Athena

Upon meeting two teenagers and a middle-aged man, Esther personally offered to drive Percy Jackson, Frank Zhang, and Gleeson Hedge downtown. Initially, Percy was nervous about Esther, assuming she was a monster in disguise due to her kind attitude. Coach Hedge however, assured him that Esther smelled like a full-blood human, "with a hint of potpourri." She had a big black Cadillac, but due to her small size she could just barely see over the steering wheel. She was excellent at navigating through the city traffic whilst telling her guests crazy stories.

When Percy asked her if there is any salt water in Atlanta, she said there are whale sharks at the famous aquarium, which initially alarmed Frank. She dropped them off at the main entrance, and gave them her cell phone number in case of emergencies, money for a taxi ride back to the Carter Library, and a jar of homemade peach preserve.


  • She had a tendency to call Percy, Frank, and Coach Hedge sugar and son.
  • Esther gives off a smell similar to potpourri.
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