Eurus is the Greek god of Autumn and the east wind.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Blood of Olympus

After the demigod civil war ended, Eurus, along with the other three wind gods, Boreas, Zephyros and Notus pulled Zeus' chariot into battle.


  • It is presumed that he has the standard powers of a god.
  • Aerokinesis: As the God of the East Wind, he has divine authority and absolute control of the air, though not as much as Aeolus.
    • He can ride the air currents, making him fly.
    • He can generate and control wind.
  • He is able to move at incredible speeds, even faster than the gods' teleportation.


  • Eurus is the only one of his brothers to have not made a major appearance in the Camp Half-Blood series so far.
    • In fact, out of all the wind gods, Eurus is the least talked about in Greek Mythology.
      • Notus sometimes even takes his place as the East Wind as well as the South.
    • But some myths have him as the father of Otrera, founder of the Amazons.