GG's Family Tree

The family tree of the Greek Gods from Percy Jackson's Greek Gods

This Family Tree is a "tree" showing families that are related to the Olympian gods and the demigods after World War I or the First Titanomachy. The start of the family began with the primordial god Chaos and continues with the Olympians and their children.


Immortal & Married To Father Mother Domain
Chaos None None Primordial god of the Void
Tartarus married to Gaea Chaos None Primordial god of the Abyss
Nyx married to Erebos Chaos None Primordial goddess of the Night
Erebos married Nyx Chaos None Primordial god of Darkness
Gaea married to Tartarus Chaos None Primordial goddess of the Earth
Akhlys Chaos None Goddess of Misery and Poison
Elpis None Nyx Primordial goddess of Hope
Hemera married to Aither Erebos Nyx Primordial goddess of Day
Aither married to Hemera Erebos Nyx

Primordial god of Light

Thalassa married to Pontos Aether Hemera Primordial goddess of the Sea
Pontos married to Thalassa None Gaea Primordial god of the Sea
Phorcys married to Keto Pontus Gaea God of The depths
Keto married to Phorcys Pontus Gaea Goddess of Sea Monsters
Ouranos married to Gaea None Gaea Primordial god of the Sky and Heavens
Oceanus married to Tethys Ouranos Gaea Titan of the Ocean and Lord of the Sea
Koios married to Phoebe Ouranos Gaea Titan of the North and Intellect
Krios married to Eurybia Ouranos Gaea Titan of the South and Stars
Hyperion married to Theia Ouranos Gaea Titan of the East and Light
Iapetus married to Clymene Ouranos Gaea Titan of the West and Mortality
Themis married to Zeus Ouranos Gaea Titaness of Justice and Law
Rhea married to Kronos Ouranos Gaea Titaness of Family and Nature
Theia married to Hyperion Ouranos Gaea Titaness of Sight and Enlightenment
Mnemosyne Ouranos Gaea Titaness of Memory and Remembrance
Phoebe married to Koios Ouranos Gaea Titaness of Darkness and Mysteries
Tethys married to Oceanus Ouranos Gaea Titaness of the Sea and Lakes
Cottus Ouranos Gaea Hundred Handed One, Hekatonkheire
Briares married to Kymopoleia Ouranos Gaea Hundred Handed One, Hekatonkheire
Gyges Ouranos Gaea Hundred Handed One, Hekatonkheire
Kronos married to Rhea Ouranos Gaea King of the Titans, Titan of Time and Agriculture
Hestia Kronos Rhea Goddess of Hearth and Home
Demeter Kronos Rhea Olympian goddess of Agriculture, Harvest, and the Seasons
Hera married to Zeus Kronos Rhea Goddess of Marriage, Women, and Family; Queen of Olympus
Hades married to Persephone Kronos Rhea Minor Olympian god of the dead and Lord of the Underworld
Poseidon married to Amphitrite Kronos Rhea Olympian god of the Sea, Earthquakes, and Hurricanes
Zeus married to Hera Kronos Rhea Olympian god of the Sky and King of the Gods
Hephaestus married to Aphrodite Zeus Hera Olympian god of Blacksmiths and Fire
Ares Zeus Hera Olympian god of War
Athena Zeus Metis Olympian goddess of Wisdom, Handicrafts and Battle Strategy
Apollo  Zeus Leto Olympian god of Music, Poetry, Medicine, Oracles and the Sun
Artemis Zeus Leto Olympian goddess of the Hunt and the Moon
Hermes Zeus Maia Olympian god of Thieves and Travelers, Messenger of the Gods
Dionysus married to Ariadne Zeus Semele Olympian god of Wine, Madness, and Ecstasy
Aphroditemarried to Hephaestus Ouranos None Olympian goddess of Love and Beauty
Metis married to Zeus Oceanus Tethys Titaness of Wisdom and Thought
Helios married to Rhode Hyperion Theia Titan of the Sun
Selene Hyperion Theia

Titaness of the Moon

Eos married to Astraeus Hyperion Theia Titaness of Dawn
Leto Koios Phoebe Titaness of Motherhood
Atlas Iapetus Clymene Titan of Burdens
Prometheus Iapetus Clymene Titan of Forethought
Epimetheus married to Pandora Iapetus Clymene Titan of Afterthought
Fates None Nyx Goddesses of Destiny
Thanatos Erebos Nyx Minor god of Death
Eris None Nyx Minor goddess of Discord, Chaos, and Strife
Geras None Nyx Minor goddess of Old age
Charon None Nyx Minor god of Boundaries and Ferryman of Hades
Circe Helios Hecate Minor goddess of Magic
Boreas married to Orithyia Astraeus Eos Minor god of North Wind and Winter
Notus Astraeuss Eos Minor god of South Wind and Summer
Zephyrus married to Iris Astraeus Eos Minor god of West Wind and Spring
Eurus Astraeus Eos Minor god of East Wind and Autumn
Muses Zeus Mnemosyne Minor goddesses of the Arts and Science
Persephone married to Hades Zeus Demeter Minor goddess of Springtime and Queen of the Underworld
Eileithyia Zeus Hera Minor goddess of Childbirth
Enyo Zeus Hera Minor goddess of War
Melinoe Hades Persephone Minor goddess of Ghosts
Hebe married to Hercules Zeus Hera Minor Olympian goddess of Youth
Nemesis Erebus Nyx Minor Olympian goddess of Balance, Retribution, and Revenge
Hecate Perses Asteria Minor Olympian goddess of Magic, Witchcraft, and the Crossroads
Tyche Oceanus Tethys

Minor Olympian goddess of Luck and Fortune

Irismarried to Zephyrus Thaumas Electra Minor Olympian goddess of Rainbows and Iris Messages
Hypnos married to Pasithea Erebos Nyx Minor Olympian god of Sleep
Morpheus Hypnos Pasithea Minor god of Dreams
Khione Boreas Orithyia Minor goddess of Snow
Pan Hermes Dryope Minor god of the Wild
Chiron Kronos Philyra Immortal Centaur, Trainer of Heroes
Kymopoleia Poseidon Amphitrite Minor goddess of Violent Sea Storms



Father Mother Cabin/Cohort
Percy Jackson Poseidon Sally Jackson 3/5th
Annabeth Chase Frederick Chase Athena 6
Luke Castellan Hermes May Castellan 11
Thalia Grace Zeus

Beryl Grace

Nico di Angelo Hades Maria di Angelo 13
Bianca di Angelo Hades Maria di Angelo 8
Ethan Nakamura Mr. Nakamura Nemesis None
Chris Rodriguez Hermes Ms. Rodriguez 11
Clarisse La Rue Ares Ms. La Rue 5
Travis Stoll Hermes Ms. Stoll 11
Connor Stoll Hermes Ms. Stoll 11
Charles Beckendorf Hephaestus Mrs. Beckendorf 9
Silena Beauregard Mr. Beauregard Aphrodite 10
Jake Mason Hephaestus Ms. Mason 9
Lee Fletcher Apollo Ms. Fletcher 7
Michael Yew Apollo Ms. Yew 7
Will Solace Apollo Naomi Solace 7
Katie Gardner Mr. Gardner


Miranda Gardiner Mr. Gardiner


Mark Ares Unknown 5
Sherman Yang Ares Ms. Yang 5
Piper McLean Tristan McLean Aphrodite 10
Jason Grace Jupiter Beryl Grace  1/5th
Leo Valdez Hephaestus Esperanza Valdez 9
Kayla Knowles Apollo (immortal father)
Darren Knowels (mortal father)
none 7
Austin Lake Apollo Unknown 7
Drew Tanaka Mr. Tanaka Aphrodite 10
Lacy Unknown Aphrodite 10
Mitchell Unknown Aphrodite 10
Nyssa Barrera Hephaestus Unknown 9
Harley Hephaestus Unknown 9
Castor Dionysus Unknown 12
Pollux Dionysus Unknown 12
Hazel Levesque Pluto Marie Levesque 5th
Frank Zhang Mars Emily Zhang (Legacy of Poseidon) 5th
Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano Julian Ramírez-Arellano Bellona Unknown
Dakota Bacchus Unknown 5th
Halcyon Green Apollo Ms. Green None
Alabaster C. Torrington Mr. Torrington Hecate None
Hylla Ramírez-Arellano Julian Ramírez-Arellano Bellona None
Butch Walker Mr. Walker Iris 14
Clovis Hypnos Unknown 15
Lou Ellen Blackstone Mr. Blackstone Hecate 20
Gus Hermes Unknown 11
Cecil Markowitz Hermes Ms. Markowtiz 11
Michael Kahale Mr. Kahale Venus 1st
Naomi Unknown Hecate None
Leila Unknown Ceres 4th
Meg McCaffrey Phillip McCaffrey Demeter 4
Laurel Victor Mr. Victor Nike 17
Holly Victor Mr. Victor Nike 17
Damien White Mr. White Nemesis 16
Chiara Benvenuti Mr. Benvenuti Tyche 19
Paolo Montes Mr. Montes Hebe 18
Alice Miyazawa Hermes Ms. Miyazawa 11

Julia Feingold

Hermes Ms. Feingold 11
Valentina Diaz Mr. Diaz Aphrodite 10
Ellis Wakefield Ares Ms. Wakefield 5